Does your company want to require certain data at time of data entry? Businesses have key data points that are often missed or overlooked during data entry, Sage 100 has a feature that the company can require field settings to minimize data entry errors.

Learn how to specify the fonts, style, and data elements to print on the header and footer sections of standard reports using Report Format Maintenance in Sage 100. We'll also show you how to define the font and style for the body of the report, and add images to the header and background of the standard report.

In this software tip, we'll take a closer look at the Expense Distribution Tables feature in Sage 100. You'll learn how to set up your company to use Expense Distribution Tables and how to correspond percentage amounts with general ledger accounts.

Learn a number of ways to configure Sage 100 process Vendor payments via ACH in this tip.

Learn how Sage 100 has a way to connect a customer with a vendor and to offset open invoices.

Learn how to use Excel to access data in Sage 100 Standard or Advanced through these steps provided.

Have you ever updated 50 or 60 checks only to find that you used the wrong date or that the checks were misnumbered? If you have, then you know how tedious it can be to reverse each check individually. You will no longer have to do that starting with Sage 100 2020.  Learn how to reverse an Accounts Payable check run in 2 different ways.

Have you ever had an invoice and a credit memo of the same amount from the same vendor and wondered how to offset those so they no longer show up in Vendor Maintenance or on the Accounts Payable Aged Invoice Report?

The steps in this software tip will show you how to apply the invoice and credit memo in one easy entry.

Many things can happen that prompt the need to reverse an Accounts Payable check including accidentally writing a check to the wrong vendor, accidentally writing a check for the wrong amount or having the check misplaced or lost.

Learn how to permanently store update/posting registers in PDF format.

Have you ever needed to remit a payment to a vendor even though you haven't received all the paper copies of the invoices? There are a few ways that this can be tracked in Sage 100.

Have you ever had a vendor contact you indicating that they hadn't received payment, but you KNOW you processed and sent the check? Learn about an easy way to identify that a check has been cleared, even after purging cleared transactions from a reconciled bank statement.

Have you ever needed to correct an error on an accounts payable invoice that has already been posted? Or received a credit memo from your vendor and needed to change the amount of the invoice balance?

Starting with Sage 100 version 2019.2 and newer, learn what Sage has added to new Options in Company Maintenance to help avoid those mistakes that are very time-consuming to correct.

Learn how to create financial statement customizations that allow for more robust reporting than is offered by default.

Learn about some actions that a user can take to resolve a discrepancy when trying to reconcile Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable to the General Ledger.

Learn how to write off invoices in the cash receipts functionality that is within the Accounts Receivable module.

Learn how to copy a salesperson on invoices in Sage 100 in earlier versions, as well as the new method in Sage 100c 2019.

In this video, we explain what a phantom bill is and its purpose along with how you can create a phantom bill in Sage 100.

Sage 100 Payroll 2.0 has added a number of new features including the ability to break down payroll entry into specific batches.

This means that more than one person can be working on Payroll Data Entry. Learn how to enable batch processing.

Learn how to send error messages to our support in order to make the finding of the resolution more efficient.

Learn how to enter a bank transfer and have it post to the General Ledger as well as to the Bank Reconciliation.


Would you like to learn how to take advantage of the new Themes and Settings in Sage 100c.  Watch this video to learn more about the options available to you.

Do you know your customer names better than their Sage 100 customer number? Do you wish you could add fields to the lookup window? Well you can..and the great thing is, the lookup can be personalized for each Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) user.

Getting ready to do some data maintenance or need to make a payroll backup prior to period end processing?  Learn how to backup your Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) data.

Sage 100 comes equipped with many amazing features. You may be aware of many of them, but we will show you some useful hidden utilities you may not be aware of.

Do you have frequently-used tasks that you want quick access to?  Instead of rifling through the modules menu, wouldn't it be easier to have a button at your fingertips?  In this Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) tip, learn how to customize your Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) toolbar to provide quick access to not only Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) tasks, but also external programs.

Have you ever noticed a change to a customer or vendor record and wondered who made the change and when it was made? Have you thought it would be nice to have a report of various things happening in Sage 100? This month's tip shows you how to get that information.

Have you wanted to use the memos in Sage 100 (MAS 90/200), but they pop up at annoying times? Learn how to customize memo pop-ups.

Most commonly used Sage 100 User Preference Options

Save time and money.  Learn how to email invoices to clients using Paperless Office in Sage 100.

Have you ever wanted to make a minor change to an existing Sage 100 report?  Learn a simple method to make a change to an existing report and keep the standard report intact.

Remember all the hype about Y2K and how the world was going to come to a stop?  Well, as we know now our fears were unfounded; however, there is still a data field in Sage 100 that is Y2K related that could cause unintended results unless it is properly set.

Avoid accidentally entering data in the wrong company by creating a unique look for each company in Sage100 (MAS 90/200).

Are some of your customer address fields in uppercase while others are in mixed case? Is the city in only half of your vendor files in uppercase? Would you like the case to be uppercase across all the fields? There is a utility called SWUPCS to solve just this issue.

Have you wished you could add your custom Crystal report to the Sage 100 menu?

Take advantage of the information contained within Sage Software's Customer Portal.

Did you know you can easily export or e-mail a number of reports in current versions of Sage 100 (MAS 90/200)? Reports can be exported in different formats including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF and many more.

Are your memos in Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) popping up at inconvenient or annoying times? This tip will show you how these memos can be controlled globally and within each module.

Would you like to not have to print statements and stuff envelopes?  Tired of spending all of that money on paper and postage?  Well, beginning with MAS 90 v4.3 you can email invoices, statements, and other forms directly from Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) using the functionality found in Paperless Office.  This tip will show you how to email statements from the Accounts Receivable module.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a quick way to drop information from a list or report into Microsoft Excel?  Learn how to send data from lookup lists or reports directly to Microsoft Excel.

Learn how to disable Sage Software's product enhancement program prompt from your system.

Learn how to create custom forms in Sage 100.

Various tasks can be defined to run "behind the scenes" or "after-hours" in order to streamline or expedite processing of information. Learn more about the Task Scheduler in Sage 100.

Learn the steps to setup vendor specific pricing for an item so that each vendor's pricing defaults in as the unit cost during purchase order creation.

Do you have vendors that require a prepayment on the goods that are purchased from them? There is no need to create spreadsheets or track them manually. Learn how to process prepayments on your purchase orders in this month's software tip.

Have you ever had a purchase order that is stuck in receipt of goods entry? Here is a shortcut method to free that purchase order up without kicking all users out of Sage 100.**Caution: For Advanced Sage 100 Users Only**

Sage has added a new enhancement in Sage 100 version 2018.4 that now allows multiple customer sales orders on a single shipment/invoice.  Learn the setup consolidation options.

Learn how to correct sales tax so that your customer gets their credit and your Sales Tax Reporting is correct.

Learn how to set up an Employer Contribution to minimize or even eliminate manual calculations.

Sage has added a new feature in the 2015 Intelligence report Designer to help identify missing accounts in your report layouts.

Visual Process Flows provides a visual representation of your workflow process, allowing you to quickly identify job-specific tasks and launch screens without searching through a tree of menu items and icons.

Welcome to Sage 2018! Take a look at this new feature and the 3 status options that you may choose for Warehouse Maintenance.

Did you know you might have hidden negative inventory cost tiers that affect your inventory?  These cost tiers can adversely affect your gross profit calculations & inventory value.  Learn how to easily reconcile these hidden problems.

There are some instances where your daily transaction register can post out of balance.  If you have ever reviewed your General Ledger trial balance report and discovered it is not in balance, you may need to post a one sided journal entry.

If you have ever posted a register to the wrong period and then had to re-key it to reverse it, you know that reentering this information can be time consuming. There is a much easier way reverse a General Ledger with just one click.

Have you ever wanted to track something in Sage 100 for which there isn’t a data field? For example, you currently accept orders from your customers via your website; however, your website is not integrated with Sage 100. Even though your website is not integrated, you’d still like to know how many orders you’re receiving from the Internet. You search Sales Order Entry for a field to store this information, but there’s none to be found. It’s situations like this for which user-defined fields were developed.

Have you ever wanted to hide a field from a user? Maybe you want the field to be visible, but you don't want the user to be able to modify the field.  Learn how to use Custom Office to enhance your existing security by either locking or hiding the credit limit field in A/R Customer Maintenance.

Would you like to be able to easily sort and analyze your data including the ability to drill down into the source documents? Reports are the standard tool for viewing information, but for more flexibility in analyzing data, try Business Insights Explorer.

Learn about 2 tools that Sage provides to help manage your customers in Accounts Receivable.

Have you ever incorrectly charged sales tax on an invoice where the customer should have been tax exempt? If you have ever needed to create an Accounts Receivable credit memo for sales tax only, this software tip is for you.

Ever wonder who made a change to information on your customer record in Customer Maintenance?  Learn how you can track changes to customer records in Sage 100.

Learn how to use a feature in Accounts Receivable period-end processing in version 4.4 service update 4 that allows you to purge expired credit card information.

Learn how to resolve Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts and Accounts Payable Printing issues in this helpful tip.

Learn how to change a vendor's number, merge a vendor with another vendor or delete a vendor using a utility in the Accounts Payable module in Sage 100.

Has your AP Aging become unnecessarily large?  Is your AP Aging bloated due to unapplied credit memos?  If you need to scrub your aging to make it usable, removing unapplied credit memos is a great step to making your AP Aging usable again.