Recurring Invoices in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable in Sage BusinessWorks

Are you tired of having to wait for your recurring invoices to post until the end of the month? Sage gives you the ability to post recurring invoices manually.

It’s December and Time to Give Those Bonus Checks in Sage BusinessWorks

Learn the two ways that you can process a bonus check using Sage BusinessWorks.

How to Void a Customer Receipt Posted as Cash in Sage BusinessWorks

From the three payment methods available: Check, Credit Card, and Cash. Learn how to void cash payments.

How Can I Attach Files in Sage BusinessWorks

Learn how an Account Manager can keep important files right at your fingertips.

Distinguishing Which Company is Which in Sage BusinessWorks

Did you know that Sage BusinessWorks can now distinguish among multiple companies with which you're working? Sage BusinessWorks version 2021 can now do that with "Theme" to define colors.

Importing Customers in Sage BusinessWorks

Are you familiar with all the tools that can assist you in entering types of information? Sage Businessworks offers various tools to lessen the strain of manually entering certain types of information within the software.

Handling Accounts Receivable Cash Transactions in Sage BusinessWorks

Learn how the “Cash” option works in various Accounts Receivables transactions.

Setting Up Direct Deposit in Sage BusinessWorks

Minimize the physical checks that you print and learn how to create a Direct Deposit file that you can upload to your bank.

Why Won’t My Report Open in Sage BusinessWorks?

So, you’re trying to run a report, and it just doesn’t want to show up. Well, it does, but it’s a minimized task on your taskbar. You click on the task, but the report still won’t open. What’s going on, and how can this be fixed? Learn the steps you can take to get your report to display correctly.

Exporting Reports to Excel or Word in Sage BusinessWorks

Learn about updates to internal reports in Sage BusinessWorks that has made it easier to export information to an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document.

Reversing and Voiding Journal Entries in BusinessWorks

What's a Reversing Journal Entry, and why would I need one? Should I void an entry instead? Learn how to do both.

Sage BusinessWorks Shortcut Keys

Increase your productivity in day to day operations by learning to use BusinessWorks keyboard shortcuts.

Recurring Journal Entries in BusinessWorks

Sage BusinessWorks offers functionality that can help you minimize your typing by allowing you to create a journal entry template.

Making Corrections on an Accounts Payable Invoice in BusinessWorks

Depending on the nature of the correction that might need to be made, Sage BusinessWorks allows you a few choices. Learn how you can make corrections to an Accounts Payable invoice.

Reversing Payroll Checks in Sage BusinessWorks

It never fails.  Someone sends a job to the printer at the same time you are printing payroll checks and their information prints on your check stock.  Now you have payroll checks that have printed on plain paper.  Learn how to reverse payroll checks in Sage BusinessWorks.

How to Create Report Groups in BusinessWorks

Wouldn't it be convenient to have one place from which you can generate all the reports you need? Learn how Sage BusinessWorks allows you to do that.

How to Set Up Recurring Invoices in BusinessWorks

Have you found yourself entering the same vendor invoice month after month after month? Would you like to find a way to streamline that data entry process to minimize the potential for entering that invoice incorrectly? Sage BusinessWorks has had the ability to create a “template” for consistent data entry.

Processing Refund of Customer Overpayment in BusinessWorks

Learn how to refund a customer overpayment instead of leaving an open credit on their account.

Correcting Bank Statement Reconciliation Issues in BusinessWorks

There are a number of situations that can cause your statement to not reconcile properly. Read about some common issues & what you can do to resolve them.

How to Set Up a 401(k) or a Roth Payroll Deduction in BusinessWorks

Your company is going to offer a retirement savings opportunity for its employees, and employees can contribute through payroll deduction. Learn how to set up the deduction to withhold the employees’ contributions.

Voiding Vendor Checks in BusinessWorks

Learn how to void vendor checks in Sage BusinessWorks.

Adding Employer Contribution to Employees’ W-2s in BusinessWorks

If you need to add Employer Insurance Contributions, but you did not include this information directly on the employees’ paychecks, see the following to find out how to add the Employer Contribution directly to the employees’ W-2s.

How to Setup an Employer Contribution in BusinessWorks

Learn how to setup an Employer Contribution to minimize or even eliminate manual calculations.

Using the Power Search Option for On-the-Fly Reporting in BusinessWorks

If you have ever used the Power Search option within the Lookup feature, you know you have found a powerful querying tool, but did you know you can also use this for on-the-fly reporting?

Resetting Sage BusinessWorks Users and Tasks

A stranded task or user can interfere with performing exclusive operations in Sage BusinessWorks Accounting (for example, closing the month, backing up or restoring data, or rebuilding a module) and must be cleared.  Learn the steps to reset Sage BusinessWorks users and tasks.

Exporting Positive Pay Data from Sage BusinessWorks

Learn how to replicate an export banking feature called Positive Pay that Sage BusinessWorks does not have by creating your own custom export in BusinessWorks.

Why Won’t My Payroll Report Run in Sage BusinessWorks?

Having issues generating your Payroll report? Check out a few helpful tips to have your Payroll report run in Sage BusinessWorks.

Using BusinessWorks Audit Reports to Determine if Your Month-End Close Was Successful

Once in awhile, things can happen that make you wonder if you properly closed the month.  One easy way to determine the success of your month-end close is by reviewing the Audit Report.  This can be done in a few easy steps.

Rebuilding Data Files in BusinessWorks

Learn the reasons why you might need to rebuild your Sage BusinessWorks data files, and how to do it properly in this software tip.

Correcting Invoice and Check Posted to Wrong Vendor in Sage BusinessWorks

Have you paid the wrong vendor and now need to fix it? Learn how to void the payment made to the incorrect vendor so you can get your payment to the correct vendor.

Do Not Fear the End of the Year in Sage BusinessWorks

Learn how to set up the 1099 information so that Sage BusinessWorks can track the payments.

What are Flash Reports and Why Would They Be Useful in Sage BusinessWorks?

There are many reports available within Sage BusinessWorks, some of which might seem more useful than others. Learn how Flash Reports can provide statistics about your company’s performance from different viewpoints.

Voiding/Returning an Invoice Created in Order Entry in BusinessWorks

Sometimes it is necessary to remove or correct invoices or to just simply receive a product returned by customers. Learn how to Void Invoices, Part Returns, and Invoice Returns in Sage BusinessWorks.

Reconciling Accounts Payable in Sage BusinessWorks

Whether it’s the end of the month or the end of your Fiscal Year, it is important to check regularly on the health of your financial information. Part of the “financial physical” you should perform is to compare the balance of
transaction details with balances on the General Ledger.

How to Add/Edit Vendors and Invoices on the Fly in BusinessWorks

Normally, BusinessWorks users enter invoices with Enter Invoices and add and edit vendor information with Maintain Vendors.  To speed up the process, you can also enter invoices and maintain vendor information without returning to the menus.

You Might Need an Allocation Table in BusinessWorks If…

Learn how to create expense Allocation Tables to automatically proportion an invoice balance among multiple GL accounts.

Signs That You’ve Outgrown Your BusinessWorks Accounting Software

Having critical business information at your fingertips is essential to managing a healthy, successful company. If you are lacking access to the business information needed to make informed decisions or you see other signs of inefficiencies, you could be outgrowing your current accounting software system.

How to Adjust Sales Tax on a Prior Invoice In BusinessWorks

There are various reasons why you would need to adjust sales tax on an invoice that previously has been posted. Learn the steps to the most straightforward way, generating a Credit Memo.

Fixing an Invalid Date on an Aging Report in BusinessWorks

We all know it's well past the year 2000. However, when you run an AP Aging Report, you’re seeing invoices with a date of 01/00 listed on the report. No way! There’d never be a vendor who would let an invoice go that long without being paid.  In Sage BusinessWorks, there is a Rebuild Data Files utility that can help to clear these issues up.

How to Setup Users and Permissions in Sage BusinessWorks

Occasionally, new employees are hired and you want to give them access to your Sage BusinessWorks accounting software. You have the ability to permit or deny access to specific tasks, based
on User ID and/or Company ID. Learn how to add new users and permissions in your BusinessWorks system.

Correcting Customer Payments in Sage BusinessWorks

Did you ever accidentally post a customer payment to the wrong customer or wrong invoice? By following a few steps, you can correct an inappropriately applied payment.

Out of Balance Bank Reconciliation – How Do I Know What to Fix in BusinessWorks

Have you ever checked off hundreds of line items on your bank statement, only to be told by BusinessWorks that you're STILL out of balance? There are a number of reasons why your statement won't reconcile properly.  Learn tips to balance your Bank Reconciliation.

Create Mailing Labels with Sage BusinessWork Exports

Learn the steps to export your contacts into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can later be used as the mailing label data in Microsoft Word's label making feature.

Tips to Protect Your Financial Data in BusinessWorks

Your company's financial data is a critical record of your fiscal history and is crucial for protecting your business’ continuity. Yet many times, not enough importance is put on protecting that data. Learn how to protect it with a few easy steps.

Why Should I Download BusinessWorks Service Packs?

Service packs include such updates to the software as patches, bug fixes, and minor upgrades as well as tax table updates.