DWD partners with Cisco to provide reliable and cost-effective wireless network solutions for small and mid-size businesses.

Cisco Wireless Solution

Wireless networks provide connections wherever your employees need to work – at their desks, in conference rooms, on warehouse floors or at another office location.

DWD offers businesses, a fast, affordable way to integrate reliable wireless technology into their information networks.  Few small and mid-size businesses have in-house IT staffs with the expertise or time to keep up to date on the fast-changing world of wireless products and services.

Benefits of Wireless Networks

  • Convenience – access your network from any location within your wireless network area
  • Mobility – you no longer have to be tied to a desk
  • Expandable – we have solutions that will expand a wireless network with existing equipment
  • Reduce costs – wireless networks can reduce or eliminate wiring costs
  • Productivity – wireless access to your company’s key applications and resources can help increase your staff’s productivity