The network services of DWD Technology Group utilize proven technology solutions to help you stay competitive and provide your business with resources to keep it flourishing. 

We focus on delivering systems and services in line with your company’s objectives and seek to become an integral partner in supporting your business.

Below is a partial listing of the individual network services DWD offers:
  • Network Security – we offer a wide range of security solutions to help small and mid-size businesses identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities, defend against security attacks and recover from a security infringement.
  • Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus – our fully managed SPAM filtering service accepts all incoming mail for your company’s domain and then filters and forwards it to you reducing the chance your company will be infected with a costly virus.
  • Virtualization – improve the efficiency and availability of your IT resources and applications through virtualization technology.
  • Wireless Solutions – wireless networks provide connections wherever your employees need to work – at their desks, in conference rooms, on warehouse floors or at another office location.
  • SANs (Storage Area Networks) – a properly designed and functioning storage network is critical to managing and protecting your organization’s data

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What Makes DWD’s Network Services Unique?

Quick Responsive Service
We provide consistent, timely support and emergency support services during times of crisis.

Effective Communication
Our network engineers recognize technology can be difficult to understand and make every effort to speak without using technical jargon.

Local & Personal Support
You will receive IT support through a primary network engineer from our office.  Additionally, a team of network engineers is available to provide back-up support on an as needed basis.

Longevity of IT Staff
We make employee fulfillment a priority which has resulted in a phenomenal employee retention rate allowing you to build strong, lasting relationships with our network engineers.

Remote Network Support
In addition to traditional on-site services, DWD offers remote support – regardless of your location.  This benefits you by providing quick, interactive support while saving travel time and costs.