Do You Need Sage CRM Software Support?

DWD’s highly trained CRM consultants have both accounting and technical expertise.  They support a number of Sage CRM clients in the Midwest and have experience with all aspects of the software including customer service, sales and marketing.

Our Consultants Provide Support Services Including

  • Sage CRM implementation & setup
  • Sage CRM customized training for your unique needs
  • Custom Reporting
  • Data import/export
  • System analysis – to optimize your CRM software usage

Contact us to speak to a Sage CRM consultant regarding a support issue.

Why DWD Technology Group Support?

  • We treat our clients with integrity, honesty and respect
  • Our recommendations are based entirely on the needs of our clients
  • Our consultants are accessible and provide assistance in a timely manner

Sage CRM Implementation & Setup

Companies often spend several months reviewing customer relationship management software in an effort to ensure the investment they make will enhance their profitability.  An area that is just as critical but sometimes overlooked, is the key role their consultant will play in the success of this transition.

DWD’s step-by-step software implementation approach has proven to be very successful.  Our typical Sage CRM software implementation process contains the following phases:

Implementation Planning – there are many areas that need to be considered during the planing of a software implementation.  We will work with you to outline the implementation plan, determine responsible staff, establish a timeline and assign responsibilities.

Installation & Testing – once we have ensured that your network is ready for the new installation, we will install the software, set up all workstations and test printing.

Implementation & Configuration – during this phase all of the setup screens are processed, forms are changed and screens are modified.

Data Migration/Data Conversion – your business data may represent years of financial statistics, customer sales history, open invoice and product information.  This data is far too important to be left behind, yet the thought of re-keying the data can be insurmountable.  We have extensive experience converting data from many popular accounting software packages.

Training – we train your staff on the specific processes they will be completing.  Typically training is done on-site with data that is recognizable to you.  Adequate staff training is a must if you want to receive the full value of your investment.

Sage CRM Training

DWD provides Sage CRM training taught by certified CRM consultants to help you get the most benefit from your CRM investment.  We understand that every business has unique processes and strategies and offer Sage CRM training to fit your individual needs.  We can tailor your training based on the expertise of your staff.

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Professional Sage CRM Training at Your Business or Via the Internet

Onsite Sage CRM Training

In some situations, it is most practical to provide Sage CRM training at your business.  This gives you the ability to work on real world situations specific to your company and allows unlimited participation by a few or all your staff.  On-site Sage CRM training also allows our consultants to help identify areas to increase efficiency, improve workflow or eliminate unnecessary procedures.

Remote Sage CRM Training

With remote training, you save time and the expense of travel.  With DWD’s remote training and support tools, you can allocate as little or as much time as you have available.  Remote Sage CRM training is ideal for learning new features and functions and guided support.