Microix Requisition Module

Microix Budget Module


MIP Integrated Requisition, Budget & Inventory Solutions

Microix Requisition Module

Give your staff the ability to create purchase requests right from their desktop, eliminating the cumbersome manual requisition process.  The Microix requisition module is easy-to-use, cost effective and a practical way for employees to create requests and submit them online.

Key Features
  • Electronic requisitions eliminate the need to monitor the flow of a paper purchase order form as it travels around your organization.
  • Managers can approve, reject or void requisitions via a PC, tablet or a smart phone.
  • Seamless integration with MIP eliminates re-keying the information into your accounts payable system.
  • When approving documents, an alert can be triggered to block users from submitting a document that exceeds their budget authorization.

Microix Budget Module

Easily create budget worksheets for any time period.  The Microix Budget module automates the process by building worksheets based on any program, fund, grant, department, cost center and then sends it directly to responsible persons for completion.

Key Features
  • Completed worksheets can be routed to a multi-level approval process.
  • Budgets each payroll position along with their associated benefits.
  • Distributes the budget for each line item based on a predefined or customized monthly distribution code.
  • Populates next year’s budget worksheets with data from current year activities.

Microix Inventory Module

Working hand in hand with Microix’s Requisition/Purchase Order module, the inventory module is an efficient tool that allows you to track and monitor your inventory in real-time.

  • Generate purchase order for items that are running low and submit it through an approval process.
  • Inventory shopping list that enables employees to quickly request items from inventory.
  • Monitor inventory levels to increase visibility and control of inventory and stock levels.
  • Lot, serial, expiration date, bin tracking & multi-warehouse tracking.

Need support for your Microix software?

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