Do You Need MIP Fund Accounting Software Support?

MIP Fund Accounting Support

DWD’s consultants who will assist during the implementation process and on-going MIP support and training are all Certified Public Accountants with years of experience in the software consulting industry.

They provide MIP software support to over 175 nonprofit and government clients and have experience with all MIP Fund Accounting modules.

Our Consultants Provide Support Services Including

  • MIP Software installation and configuration (both the initial installation as well as any updates)
  • Troubleshooting MIP support issues with existing systems
  • MIP software training for new employees
  • Training for any new modules added to your MIP system
  • Development and trouble-shooting of customized reports and financial statements
  • Assistance with the preparation of budget information
  • System interfaces with third party software (payroll, billing, etc.)
  • The design of import routines to eliminate the keying of repetitive data
  • Preparation of year-end 1099 and W-2 forms

Contact us to speak to an MIP consultant regarding a support issue.

Why DWD for Your MIP Fund Accounting Support?

  • Our MIP Fund Accounting consultants are all CPAs with real-world experience.
  • We have worked with MIP since 1996 and provide support services to more than 175 clients.
  • Through user groups in multiple cities, we maintain on-going personal contact with our clients.
  • We value your business long after the initial sale as evidenced by our “customers for life” philosophy.

MIP Implementation & Setup

Organizations can spend several months researching and selecting a new accounting software system which will enhance their financial reporting capabilities.  An area that should receive just as much attention is the planning and implementation of the new system.

DWD has been implementing MIP Fund Accounting software since 1995 and can guide you through the implementation process from conception to completion.

We understand nonprofit business practices and how to implement software to meet those unique needs.  Whether or not you’ve purchased your MIP software through DWD, our nonprofit consultants will provide you with a sound implementation plan.

Our MIP System Implementation & Setup Services Include:

Consulting with your team as you plan for the system implementation – Our proven methodology will allow your implementation to be completed on time and on budget.

Implementing and customizing your software to meet your needs – Part of this includes advising your staff regarding setup procedures, as well as mapping and converting data from your existing system into your new software.

Another part is to create custom applications to help create workable solutions that fill your unique requirements.  Examples include:


Your department managers and board members may find it very confusing and/or intimidating to be confronted by pages of numbers that would normally thrill any accountant.  So why not provide them with the information in a language they can more easily understand – charts and graphs.

Through a variety of software tools, DWD can provide information in this user-friendly format and make it available to interested parties – whether by direct connection to your server or over an Internet link.  Financial information?  Of course!  Timekeeping records?  You bet!  Key performance indicators?  At the click of a button.


While MIP provides a very robust reporting engine as part of the software, there are situations when the available tools will not produce the desired result.  If you find yourself in this situation, contact DWD to determine what other options are available.  We can use third-party tools such as Crystal Reports, Excel, MIP’s HR/EWS report writer, or a number of other software products.

Providing assistance to your staff throughout the installation process

Including MIP software training that covers setup, transaction entry, reporting, monthly closing and periodic backup procedures.

MIP Software Training

DWD understands that your team needs to be thoroughly trained in order to utilize your MIP Fund Accounting software to the fullest.

Our certified MIP consultants, with years of experience can provide you the training needed for your organizations unique processes and strategies.

We tailor your training based on the expertise of your staff so everyone learns to fully utilize the powerful tools available in your fund accounting software system.

Contact DWD to discuss MIP training today.

MIP Fund Accounting Training Benefits

  • Design custom financial reports that provide critical information for the success of your mission
  • Make your life easier by learning data-entry shortcuts and tips
  • Learn new software features (i.e. Process Manager) that make navigation easier than ever
  • Better control organizational costs by learning about MIP’s budget process

Because training is one of the most critical aspects of our clients success, we make it available in the format that best fits your needs and availability.  We offer both on-site and remote training designed specifically around the information you need to learn.

Onsite MIP Fund Accounting Training Benefits

Onsite training provides you the ability to work on real-world situations specific to your organization and allows unlimited participation by a few or all your staff.  On-site MIP training also allows our consultants to help identify areas that may help you increase efficiency, improve workflow or eliminate unnecessary procedures.

Remote MIP Fund Accounting Training Benefits

Remote training allows you to save time and the expense of travel.  With DWD’s remote training and support tools, you can allocate as little or as much time as you have available.  Remote MIP training is ideal for learning new features and functions and guided support.

MIP Software Upgrades

Are You Running the Latest Version of MIP Fund Accounting?

The Advisor Update tool which was introduced in MIP Fund Accounting version 11.0 enables users to keep their software up to date with the latest releases and updates.

Advisor Update recognizes the MIP products you have locally installed and lists the updates available for those products.  If you have a current MIP maintenance and support plan, you can download and install the updates available.

DWD can provide assistance with software updates and upgrades which can be helpful if your organization is running several versions behind.  Often times you cannot go directly to the most recent release, but instead must install a series of intermediate versions.

MIP System Review

Are You Fully Utilizing Your MIP Fund Accounting Software?

Too many times organizations that have invested in state-of-the-art accounting software packages are not able to fully utilize it.  There can be a number of reasons why, but it quite often relates to staff turnover and the minimal amount of training they receive.

DWD has developed an assessment program to help assure that our non-profit clients gain the maximum benefit from their MIP software.

Contact DWD to schedule your software review today!

For clients who request this complimentary service, we will conduct a telephone interview that focuses primarily on the Administration, General Ledger, and Accounts Payable portions of the program.  We will also touch on budgeting and reporting capabilities within MIP Fund Accounting.  At the conclusion of the assessment, we will offer recommendations for possible areas of improvement.