Let DWD help you run Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ in your own private cloud!

Reliable, Secure, Anytime, Anywhere Access

The number of nonprofits taking advantage of hosted fund accounting solutions has grown steadily, especially in the last couple of years.  With a hosted solution, your organization no longer has the burden of managing servers and other IT equipment necessary to run your fund accounting software in house.

DWD is proud to offer hosting services for Abila MIP Fund Accounting.  Without software or hardware to maintain, your organization will reduce the IT expense and hassle previously connected to running your fund accounting software in house.

Advantages of Hosting Your Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software

  1. Always Current – software updates and upgrades are completed frequently assuring that you are always on the most recent version of Abila MIP™.  These are completed during off-hours for your convenience.
  2. Accessibility – with Abila MIP in your own private cloud, your staff can access the real-time data they need using any Web browser, no matter their location.
  3. Lower Cost of Ownership – hosting your Abila MIP Fund Accounting system lowers your cost of ownership by reducing the time and money associated with installing and maintaining your own hardware and software.  With a hosted solution you can keep your internal resources focused on the projects most important to your organizations success.
  4. Reliability & Security – with hosting, your own private cloud is monitored by a team of experts making sure your software is running properly and available to your team 24/7.
  5. Enhanced Performance – our Abila MIP Fund Accounting hosting service uses state of the art servers that ensure maximum performance and redundancy, providing you with the highest level of system performance and up-time.


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