Save time and assure information accuracy by bringing data electronically into your Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ software using data interfaces and data imports.

Data Interface

Recurring information can be imported into Abila MIP™ from another software program such as third party payroll vendors, specialized billing applications, Excel worksheets and more.

Data Imports

Information that is transferred one time from an existing accounting system or electronic worksheet into your Abila MIP Fund Accounting system.

DWD’s expert software consultants can help with either type of service.

Data Interface

It can sometimes be difficult for organizations to maintain all of their financial data in one accounting application.  While doing so can simplify things, it can also pose problems if the chosen application is strong in one area, but very weak in another.  Making use of data interfaces can provide you a way to benefit from a solution that builds upon the strengths of multiple applications.

Incorporating the capabilities of Abila MIP and the talents of the staff at DWD, we are able to assist our clients in building a “best of breeds” solution.  Using the Data Import/Export module we can “map” data from one application and then import it electronically into your Abila MIP system.  Once created, these import programs can be accessed week-after-week, month-after-month – however frequently the information is needed in your accounting program.  Several of our clients have made use of interfaces for –

  • Third Party Payrolls – whether, ADP, Paychex, Paycor, or another vendor, payroll history is one of the most commonly imported pieces of information.  Why key several hundred lines of data each payroll when MIP will import the information in a matter of minutes?
  • Specialized Billing Applications – many of our healthcare clients use specialized billing packages to create and track customer bills.  This information is then imported into Abila MIP Fund Accounting (normally on a summary basis).  The billing application serves as the subsidiary ledger, with the accounting system maintaining the control total.
  • Microsoft Excel Worksheets – where accounting entries are driven by sophisticated spreadsheet formulas or based upon copying & pasting large amounts of data, these calculations can be done in Excel.  Use MIP’s import feature to transfer the data easily and accurately into your accounting application with just a couple clicks of your mouse.
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