Nonprofit Software for Behavioral Healthcare Organizations

From providing mental health and substance abuse recovery services, to counseling for families and children, Behavioral and Mental Health Agencies face many challenges – having effective financial systems and processes shouldn’t be one of them.

For the past 25 years, DWD Technology Group has been helping Behavioral and Mental Health Agencies streamline financial, human resource and reporting processes with industry leading fund accounting solutions.

Isn’t it time to worry less about financial and organizational tasks and focus more on your mission.  The right nonprofit software will help your organization:

  • Increase efficiency of your finance team.
  • Free your accountants time from manual, repetitive tasks into a more strategic role.
  • Make organizational decisions faster with real-time reporting
  • Automate financial processes allowing you to achieve more with less resources.

Some of DWD’s Behavioral Healthcare clients include:

Non-Profit Clients
Behavioral Healthcare

Sage Intacct and MIP Fund Accounting for Behavioral Healthcare Organizations

Both nonprofit software systems have easy to use interfaces, are configurable and allow you to report and track information most important to you, your board and your supporters.  They offer a full suite of solutions including human resources, web-based time sheets, electronic requisitions, allocations and fixed assets.  Sage Intacct and MIP are modern cloud based software programs that will grow with your organizations needs over time.

Benefits of Nonprofit Software for Behavioral Healthcare Agencies:

  • Prepare the financial information you need to effectively run your organization – by reporting unit, by service, by location, by clinician, etc.
  • Import transactions from your clinical billing and/or payroll system.
  • Create multiple budget scenarios to model the affect changing funding levels will have on your organization.
  • Generate sophisticated allocation entries at the push of a button to automatically spread administrative expense across various cost centers, programs, etc. 
  • Safeguard your protected health information with HIPAA and HITECH compliant solutions

Resources (free downloads):

A Guide for Purchasing Nonprofit and Fund Accounting Solutions

Nonprofit Accounting Software Buyer’s Checklist

Pathway’s Customer Success Story

DWD partners with Behavioral and Mental Health Agencies to deliver easy-to-use accounting systems so you can keep your focus on your mission – helping people lead better lives by providing healthcare services for crisis, addiction and mental health recovery.

Please Contact Us If:

  • You have questions about what a more robust fund accounting solution could do for your organization.
  • We can arrange a brief demonstration of Sage Intacct or MIP Fund Accounting to help you plan for the future.
  • You are currently in the process of evaluating better alternatives for providing meaningful financial information to your behavioral healthcare organization.

Contact our Nonprofit Software Team today at 800.232.8913 or through our nonprofit software contact form.