ERP Software for Distributors

It’s an ever increasing challenge for those in the distribution industry to stay ahead of the competition. Tracking, managing and replenishing inventory and managing warehouse operations through the entire distribution cycle can be an overwhelming and costly task without proper management tools.

Distributors often find their entry-level software simply can’t handle their need for greater inventory control, sales management, and purchasing functionality. At some point, they push their entry-level software to the limit and either limp along with basic inventory and warehouse management features or they begin looking for a system to handle those needs.

While no two distributors are alike, even if they are in the same industry, there are commonalities between distributors in the way they manage their processes.

Common problems distributors experience as they grow:

  • Orders are delayed because you don’t know exactly what’s in your warehouse – you lack accurate inventory knowledge, leaving you unaware of product quantity, location and when it needs replenished.
  • Incorrect orders are making your customers unhappy – Order processing errors are causing the wrong product to ship to the wrong customer costing you money and lost customers.
  • Manual processes are increasing overhead costs – you’re regularly expanding your workforce in order to fulfill increasing orders.
  • You’re not able to predict buying and inventory cycles – you’re wasting money on unused parts and unsold products because you lack an accurate forecasting method.
  • You don’t have an efficient way to collect and process online customer orders – online orders are not connected to your inventory or accounting systems wasting time, money and increasing order entry errors.
  • You’re wasting time entering the same data in multiple systems – Once in the ordering and inventory system, another entry to transfer that info into the UPS or FedEx shipping software and often a third time to get shipment dates and tracking info back into the accounting software

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It’s important to understand that basic accounting software was not designed for the processes of distributors.  If you’re duct taping a collection of spreadsheets used to manage your warehouse – there’s a better way.

Integrated Distribution ERP software offers the following:

  • Better visibility and tracking of your inventory – achieve real-time data on your inventory through barcoding, RFID integration and lot / serial number tracking.
  • Lower overhead costs – Inventory and item features such as bin locations, advanced picking, and bar coding, automate the warehouse which reduces the time it takes to fill an order and reduces the need for additional staff.
  • Increase sales with customer and item specific pricing – increase sales and profits with quick access to past orders and optimized multiple level customer pricing capabilities
  • eCommerce integration – automatically bring your customers online orders into your ERP system syncing financial and inventory data.
  • Better track, manage and reduce shipping costs – automate and manage total distribution costs including handling and packing of inventory, freight costs, and related shipping expenses without the need to rekey information.

DWD offers distribution solutions that meet the challenges you face on a daily basis while providing the management insights you need for continued success.

Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90/200)
Sage 100 is an industry-leading distribution software solution for small to medium-sized companies.  MAS 90 gives you the insights to maximize your profits by finding the optimal balance between accelerating inventory turnaround and maintaining adequate stock levels to meet customer demand.  Sage 100’s (MAS 90/200) Suite of Distribution Modules contains Inventory ManagementSales OrderPurchase OrderReturn Merchandise AuthorizationBar CodeCredit Card Processing.  Gain the power to cut costs, build profits and effectively manage your inventory.