Do You Need Sage 100 Support?

If you’ve been looking for help with your Sage 100 (formerly Sage 100c, Sage 100 ERP, Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200) system, we are here for you. Our team of highly trained software consultants provide quick, knowledgeable and friendly support for all Sage ERP system issues.

There’s no better way to take full advantage of your Sage 100 system. Our team of consultants have over 70 years of combined consulting experience, many of whom are also CPA’s with both accounting and technical expertise. We help to ensure your Sage 100 software works flawlessly and efficiently. We are dedicated to helping you maximize your investment, by helping you to take full advantage of your system’s total potential.

Our experts can help with all your Sage 100 support needs from troubleshooting an error, to customizing your system. In addition to on-site support from local offices serving Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, we also provide phone and remote support to companies throughout the U.S.

Our Consultants Provide Sage 100 Support Including

  • Sage 100 implementation & setup
  • Troubleshooting Sage 100 support issues with existing systems
  • Sage 100 training customized to your specific needs
  • Sage 100 software upgrades
  • Sage 100 customization to expand your system functionality
  • Systems integration with 3rd party applications
  • Data import/export & data file rebuilds
  • Custom Crystal Reports
  • Sage 100 & Sage CRM systems integration
  • System Review – to analyze and optimize your software usage

Contact us to speak to a Sage 100 consultant regarding a support issue.

Why Choose DWD For Sage 100 Support?

  • We have multiple Sage 100 consultants to support you
  • Our consultants are accessible and provide assistance in a timely manner
  • Our consultants keep pace with technology and the latest versions of Sage 100 through continual training
  • We understand technology can be difficult to understand and make every effort to speak to our clients without technical jargon
  • We treat our clients with integrity, honesty and respect
  • Our recommendations are based entirely on the needs of our clients

Additional Sage 100 Support Services Detail

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Companies often spend several months reviewing accounting and business management software in an effort to ensure the investment they make will enhance their profitability. An area that is just as critical, but sometimes overlooked, is the key role their software partner will play in the success of this transition.

Our typical Sage 100cloud implementation process contains the following phases:

Implementation Planning – There are many areas that need to be considered during the planning of a software implementation. We will work with you to outline the implementation plan, determine responsible staff, establish a timeline and assign responsibilities.

Installation & Testing – Once we have ensured that your network is ready for the new installation, we will install the software, set up all workstations and test printing.

Data Migration/Data Conversion – Your business data may represent years of financial statistics, customer sales history, open invoice and product information. This data is far too important to be left behind, yet the thought of re-keying the data can be insurmountable. We have extensive experience converting data from many popular software packages including BusinessWorks, Sage 50 and QuickBooks as well as other systems.

Training – We train your staff on the specific processes they will be completing. Typically training is done with data that is recognizable to you. Adequate staff training is a must if you want to receive the full value of your investment.

Software Customizations – While Sage 100 fills the broad requirements of most businesses, occasionally additional functionality is required to meet unique needs. As a Master Developer, DWD is able to assist with the development of software customizations to help expand Sage 100 functionality for your business.

Custom Crystal Report Writing – Standard predesigned reports are available right out of the box in Sage 100. In addition, Crystal Reports a built-in report writer allows you to create custom, real-time, reports quickly and easily. Our consultants can also build customer reports based on your unique requirements.

Integration with 3rd Party Applications – Sage 100cloud has many 3rd party add-ons designed to allow you to tailor the system to your needs.

System Testing – We will make a copy of your new software system to test the environment and make sure all information is flowing through it properly.

Go Live! – After all the phases above have been completed, the go-live event takes place. This is when the end-users will begin using the new software system.

Support – After the software is installed and implementation and training are complete, we provide on-going Sage 100 support as you need it.

Whether you are a new employee just beginning to learn Sage 100 or a seasoned user looking for ways to become more efficient, we can help!

DWD provides Sage 100cloud (formerly Sage 100c, Sage 100 ERP, Sage MAS90 and MAS200) software training taught by certified ERP consultants with years of experience to help you get the most benefit from your software investment. We understand that every business has unique processes and strategies and offer software training to fit your individual needs. We can tailor your training based on the expertise of your staff.

DWD’s software consultants have extensive experience with Sage 100 upgrades. We have provided assistance to companies for maintenance level upgrades as well as companies running older versions of the software. Whether you are running version 2018, 2016, 2014, or anything in between, our consultants can help you with a smooth transition to the latest version of Sage 100.

Contact DWD for A Preliminary Upgrade Planning Session: this session will help you determine if it is the right time to upgrade your software, what benefits your business will achieve from the upgrade and a cost estimate for the project.

Is Your Sage 100 System Still Operating at Peak Efficiency?

As time goes by, businesses grow, goals evolve and new products and services are introduced. If your software system doesn’t transform along with the business, inefficiencies begin to surface. Completing an annual review of your software will help ensure your entire ERP software system is operating at peak efficiency.

Contact DWD to schedule your software review today!

The consultants at DWD can guide you through each step of the software review process helping you to uncover inefficiencies within your business.

Our software review will touch on the following areas and delve into your unique business processes.

Accounting and General

  1. Do you foresee any major changes or significant growth within your business over the next few years? What challenges do you see in addressing those changes?
  2. What areas of your business are you looking to improve over the next 6 months to one year?
  3. What business processes do you think need improvement? What areas could be improved to increase profitability and efficiency?
  4. Do you have accounting/ERP tasks that require duplicate data entry?
  5. Are you manually keying in data from a 3rd party application?
  6. Are you currently processing credit card transactions outside your accounting software?
  7. Are you manually reconciling your checks?
  8. Are you tracking Fixed Assets on a spreadsheet and would like to integrate that with Sage 100?

Sales, Inventory and Distribution

  1. What challenges do you face in customer service? Are there areas that can be improved?
  2. What challenges do you face in sales? Are sales systems integrated with accounting?
  3. Do you have challenges tracking inventory in your warehouse?
  4. Do you have plans to allow your customers to order product or services via a web store? Would you like an existing web store to integrate with Sage 100?


  1. Do you have challenges with scheduling or tracking production?
  2. Are you currently capturing all of the costs involved in production?

Making your Sage 100 system work efficiently for your business is a key ingredient for success. To do so requires a focused approach including evaluation of your needs on a regular basis.

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