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Since 1990, DWD Technology Group has been providing IT Services to businesses in and around Fort Wayne, IN.  We are committed to helping companies evaluate and implement the best IT solutions for the unique needs of their business and to provide support to keep those systems flourishing over time.

Why DWD Technology Group for Your Network Support?

  • High Level of Technical Expertise – our network engineers have a combined 85 years of IT consulting experience and keep pace with current technology through continual training.

  • Effective Communication – our network engineers recognize technology can be difficult to understand and make every effort to speak without using technical jargon.

  • Local and Personal Support – you will receive IT support through a primary network engineer from our office.  Additionally, a team of network engineers is available to provide back-up support on an as needed basis.

  • Longevity of IT Staff – we make employee fulfillment a priority resulting in a phenomenal employee retention rate allowing you to build strong, lasting relationships with our network engineers.

  • Remote Network Support – in addition to traditional on-site services, DWD offers remote support – regardless of your location.  This provides quick, interactive support while saving travel time and costs.

Free Network Security Assessment
Free Network Assessment


Virtualization basically lets one computer do the job of multiple computers, by sharing the resources of a single computer across multiple environments. Virtual servers and virtual desktops let you host multiple operating systems and applications locally and in remote locations, freeing you from physical and geographical limitations.

Benefits of Virtualization Technology:

  • Improves availability of critical business applications

  • Decreases hardware, software and energy costs

  • Allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single computer

  • Eliminates downtime for hardware maintenance

  • Ensures business continuity, allowing users to work even after disaster strikes

  • Increases mobility by enabling users to work from anywhere

Wireless Solutions

Wireless networks provide connections wherever your employees need to work – at their desks, in conference rooms, on warehouse floors or at another office location.

DWD offers businesses, a fast, affordable way to integrate reliable wireless technology into their information networks.  Few small and mid-size businesses have in-house IT staffs with the expertise or time to keep up to date on the fast-changing world of wireless products and services.

Benefits of Wireless Networks:

  • Convenience – access your network from any location within your wireless network area

  • Mobility – you no longer have to be tied to a desk

  • Expandable – we have solutions that will expand a wireless network with existing equipment

  • Reduce costs – wireless networks can reduce or eliminate wiring costs

  • Productivity – wireless access to your company’s key applications and resources can help increase your staff’s productivity

Why DWD Technology Group is the Right
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30+ Years

providing outstanding IT services and solutions to businesses

11 Years

average length of employment of DWD Network Engineer

9 Years

average lifetime of DWD IT client

Point to Point Wireless Building Bridges

Point-to-point wireless bridges are a convenient way of connecting two networks quickly and easily, using a wireless connection.  They provide a secure, reliable link to share data, audio, video, or other internet traffic between two locations, but without cables.

Point to point wireless bridges use lasers to transmit data between two separate locations, allowing for reliable and fast connection speeds.  This type of technology is used in WiFi networks to enable multiple users to share a singular connection.

Point to point wireless bridges are ideal for connecting multiple offices, warehouses or other buildings that a company owns.

DWD’s IT Support Services Include

Managed IT Security Plans
Endpoint Detect and Response
Email Security
Firewall protection
Business Continuity
Cybersecurity awareness training

Routine ProActive IT Maintenance
Technology Monitoring
Virtual CIO Meetings

Microsoft 365
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Azure

IT Support
Wireless Solutions
Point-to-Point Building Bridges

DWD Technology Group
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Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Phone:  260.423.2414

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