The days of pouring over endless pages of financial reports to determine the health of your organization are rapidly coming to an end.

If you have not already been impacted by the technology that is creating the change, it is almost certain you will be in the very near future.  And that technology is often summed up in a single word – dashboards!

To learn more about what this technology could look like in your organization, check out our interactive dashboard examples.

The terms “dashboards” and “visualizations” can be applied to several levels of sophistication.  In some cases, it may refer to simple charts and graphs that have been created within your accounting software, or by exporting information to Excel.

At the other end of the spectrum are software tools such as Power BI that allow you to not only chart your financial information but also combine the information with data from any number of software programs – and then lets you drill into the detail behind the numbers.

  • Want to see the cost of salaries per student?  We can do that.
  • Want to know the average revenue per client at a specific location?  We can do that.
  • Want to know how many managers are making use of a given report?  We can tell you.

Whether it is dashboards designed specifically to report on financial information from MIP Fund Accounting software, or statistical information from any number of other databases for reporting key performance indicators (KPI), let us show you what you are missing by not taking advantage of this game-changing technology.