Maintaining database accuracy is crucial to keeping your nonprofit running smoothly.

While MIP Fund Accounting fills the broad requirements of most nonprofit organizations, occasionally custom database services are required to meet unique needs.  DWD’s highly trained consultants offer customized database services to help MIP fill your organization’s requirements.

Data Interfaces

Recurring information can be imported into MIP from another software program.  Examples of data interfaces include:

Data Imports

One-time information being transferred from your existing accounting system or electronic worksheet.  Examples of data imports include:

  • Vendor & customers – ID #’s, names, account #’s, addresses, phone numbers, terms, etc.
  • Chart of Accounts – general ledger codes, programs, grants, locations, etc.
  • Learn more about MIP data imports.

Database Modifications

Database modifications can be made to MIP to retroactively apply changes or meet future requirements.  Examples of database modifications include: