In this software tip, we'll take a closer look at the Expense Distribution Tables feature in Sage 100. You'll learn how to set up your company to use Expense Distribution Tables and how to correspond percentage amounts with general ledger accounts.

Learn a number of ways to configure Sage 100 process Vendor payments via ACH in this tip.

Learn how Sage 100 has a way to connect a customer with a vendor and to offset open invoices.

Have you ever updated 50 or 60 checks only to find that you used the wrong date or that the checks were misnumbered? If you have, then you know how tedious it can be to reverse each check individually. You will no longer have to do that starting with Sage 100 2020.  Learn how to reverse an Accounts Payable check run in 2 different ways.

Have you ever had an invoice and a credit memo of the same amount from the same vendor and wondered how to offset those so they no longer show up in Vendor Maintenance or on the Accounts Payable Aged Invoice Report?

The steps in this software tip will show you how to apply the invoice and credit memo in one easy entry.

Many things can happen that prompt the need to reverse an Accounts Payable check including accidentally writing a check to the wrong vendor, accidentally writing a check for the wrong amount or having the check misplaced or lost.

Learn how to permanently store update/posting registers in PDF format.

Have you ever needed to remit a payment to a vendor even though you haven't received all the paper copies of the invoices? There are a few ways that this can be tracked in Sage 100.

Have you ever had a vendor contact you indicating that they hadn't received payment, but you KNOW you processed and sent the check? Learn about an easy way to identify that a check has been cleared, even after purging cleared transactions from a reconciled bank statement.

Have you ever needed to correct an error on an accounts payable invoice that has already been posted? Or received a credit memo from your vendor and needed to change the amount of the invoice balance?

Learn how to resolve Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts and Accounts Payable Printing issues in this helpful tip.

Learn how to change a vendor's number, merge a vendor with another vendor or delete a vendor using a utility in the Accounts Payable module in Sage 100.

Has your AP Aging become unnecessarily large?  Is your AP Aging bloated due to unapplied credit memos?  If you need to scrub your aging to make it usable, removing unapplied credit memos is a great step to making your AP Aging usable again.