Learn how to permanently store update/posting registers in PDF format.

Learn how to create financial statement customizations that allow for more robust reporting than is offered by default.

Learn about some actions that a user can take to resolve a discrepancy when trying to reconcile Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable to the General Ledger.

Learn how to enter a bank transfer and have it post to the General Ledger as well as to the Bank Reconciliation.


There are some instances where your daily transaction register can post out of balance.  If you have ever reviewed your General Ledger trial balance report and discovered it is not in balance, you may need to post a one sided journal entry.

If you have ever posted a register to the wrong period and then had to re-key it to reverse it, you know that reentering this information can be time consuming. There is a much easier way reverse a General Ledger with just one click.