With the release of MIP Fund Accounting v2014.6 in June, added new functionality that allows organizations to more easily detect fraudulent activity.

Sadly, fraudulent activity can and does occur in organizations every day, with the people you trust most.  In order to help nonprofits protect their reputation and funds, added new fraud protection features into MIP version 2014.6.  The new features of this release will help you put the day-to-day processes in place to help you detect and deter fraud and take action before it’s too late.

MIP Fund Accounting v2014.6 – New Fraud Detection Functionality

  • Alerts are created to keep users informed about important activities going on within the application. This includes potential day-to-day fraudulent activities that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Auditors can more easily navigate your organization’s records and access key information on MIP users and their job function. This can help pinpoint suspicious activity or rights abuse within the organization.
  • Ensure terminated employees are no longer allowed to access MIP. Lock out former employers to prevent them from being able to commit fraudulent or damaging activity.
  • Organizations are at risk for fraudulent activity when single users consistently work with a vendor for an extended period of time. Easy visibility to specific user and vendor relationships can be very helpful for internal investigation and audit purposes.
  • MIP Fund Accounting Version 2014.6 allows you to prevent users who should not have access, from being able to view actual account numbers.
  • Your organization can decide to have users be forced to change their passwords at specific times or time intervals.
  • With custom payroll vouchers now available in email format, a full digital trail allows you to track where payroll information is sent.

If your organization is not running the latest version of MIP Fund Accounting and would like assistance upgrading to the latest version, contact us for assistance.

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