There are various ways to retrieve the attachments in MIP.

First, we will review supporting documents for Vendors.


Under the Maintain menu, select ‘Vendors’ and select a vendor from the listing.

Maintain Tab - Vendors Button     Vendor Listing

Next, click the paperclip icon at the top of the vendor record. A red checkmark means there are existing attachments that can be reviewed.

Paperclip Icon at the Top of the Vendor Record

If you have any attachment categories/sub-categories set up, you can choose a folder with specific attachments. You have the ability to open an individual attachment or multiple attachments by checking the box next to each.

Ability to Open Category/Sub-Categories - Check Mark Box

Accounts Payable Invoices

There are multiple ways that you can review attachments for AP invoices and other document types.

The first method is through Account Balances which can be found under Activities>Display Balances. This method will allow you to review transactions that have been processed through specific account codes. For instance, if you wanted to see all transactions processed to your office supplies expense account you might filter on that GL account, as seen below.

See All Transactions Processed by Filtering on GL Account

After selecting your filter(s), you’ll click Display and this will provide you with your balances for those filters. Expanding the current activity section will provide you with a listing of all documents that have been processed within the date range provided.

Expanding the Current Activity Section

Double-clicking on an individual row will drill into the actual document and you can review the attachments from the document screen. You can also add any supporting documentation that may have been missed when originally processing the document.

Review the Attachments from the Document Screen

The next method applies exclusively to AP invoices and can be found under Activities>Accounts Payable>Display Vendor Balances. This method is similar to Account Balances but instead of filtering on account codes, you can filter on specific vendors.

Vendor ID - Filter on Specific Vendors

After you filter on a specific vendor and apply a date range, you can expand each document number. This will show the AP invoice as well as any payments that have been made. Double-clicking on the dark blue row will drill into the actual document. Then, you can review the attachments from the document screen similar to the Account Balances method explained above.

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