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MIP Fund Accounting v2017.1 was recently released.  The new enhancements help nonprofit finance and accounting professionals who need more visibility into both their finances and personnel.

In this release, reporting capabilities have been expanded across  MIP to improve each users ability to track and report on what’s most important to their team and stakeholders.

has also enhanced key Accounts Payable workflows, added new administration options supporting your audit trail, and expanded the human resource management features integrated within MIP.

Updated Accounts Payable Workflow

Designed to save valuable time by providing scalable invoice payments and check printing.  Easily create batches of invoices to pay and auto-reversals of invoices with voided checks, as well as check address validation on email addresses.

Broad Report Enhancements

Improved ability to filter, provide additional fields, and generate key Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger reports.  This includes debit and credit columns for transaction reports and new print code options for working trial balance reports.

New Administration Options

Increased visibility into users, security reports, and the organization’s overall audit trail.  The summary organization audit log will show Accounts Payable status changes and Payroll updates.  The User information report can show security group and user IDs for improved tracking.  Attachments will default to the recommended encrypted option for users.  (Note:  STMP – based email settings are now required in MIP and replace older MAPI email settings.)

New Payroll and Human Resource Features


Enhancements include a new form for reprinting paystubs as vouchers.  Plus, employee status is now an available filer and field for timesheet reports.

Human Resources

This module offers a new OSHA claims form with available query and related reports.

Employee Web Services

Gender dropdown is now editable

Benefit Enrollment

Usability enhancements and additional query options for enrollment processing are included.

Advanced Reporting

Improve the ability to compare your current financial position to budget.  New dynamic column display option for actual vs. budgeted comparisons is now available.

Expanded Accounts Payable API

Our REST-based API (application programming interface) can be used for a variety of integration needs.

If you have questions regarding the new features in MIP or need assistance upgrading to version 2017.1, please contact John Haney at 260.423.2414.

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