We are pleased to announce the arrival of MIP Version 2015.1!

With this new release, improved MIP’s ability to inform you of changes to your organization’s financials and advise you on how and where to take action.

Improved Functionality

  • Spend less time troubleshooting and correcting import files.  No more guessing on where your import data is generating errors.  With this release, the rows of your import file that are generating errors are clearly identified in an exception file, so you can easily fix them and reimport.
  • Budget monitoring just got easier.  With this release, organizations can easily track actuals against planned budget by setting a threshold, then receive notifications when spending hits or exceeds this mark.
  • Increased Security.  Upgrades include masking of social security numbers to help with fraud detection, increased security around adding employees as administrators and employees can reset their own passwords.
  • Human Resource Management Improvements.  Organizations can quickly and easily manage employees with split-shift timesheet entry, as well as notifications to managers and employees when timesheets have been modified and/or submitted.

New Module Offering in MIP Fund Accounting Version 2015.1

  • Advanced Reporting with the DrillPoint module.  Address complex reporting needs while reducing the time spent to produce complex reports.  This module allows you to gain real time access to information using the well known Excel framework, as well as drill down to underlying transactions.

If you need assistance upgrading your MIP Fund Accounting system or would like a demonstration of MIP contact DWD.

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