Audit Time Again?  Be Prepared, Not Scared

The word “audit” alone may make you want to run for the hills.  If you’re dreading an annual audit this year or just hate the idea of one in the future, fear no more!

Done right, an audit can help increase the performance, sustainability and fiscal responsibility of your organization.

Click on the Read More link to the left to download “The Nonprofit Audit Pocket Guide” prepared for you by , the leading provider of nonprofit software and services.

“The Nonprofit Audit Pocket Guide” provides  your finance and executive team with a handy guidebook for before, during and after the traditional audit process.  Inside you’ll find:

  • How to PREPARE your people, processes and paperwork for an audit.
    • Assign a team or individual to organize documents for the auditor, coordinate the auditor’s scheduling and manage the onsite visit.
    • Demonstrate strong internal controls over access to financial resources and provide an audit trail that clearly tracks transactions to sources of revenue.
    • Start collecting audit related documents sooner rather than later to avoid the last minute crunch.
  • What goes on while the AUDIT is happening?
    • The auditors ensure your organizations financial statements reflect your organizations financial state by reviewing financial records, examining internal controls and learning how funds come in and go out.
  • What happens POST-AUDIT?
    • Following the audit your leadership team will have a set of initiatives to improve internal controls and operating efficiencies.

At its best, an audit can instill confidence among donors, ensure compliance with accounting standards, and help protect your organization against fraud.  The experts at have put together this guide to help make short work of your audit preparations.

They also offer a fund accounting solution that will help your preparation go even smoother.  Learn how  MIP Fund Accounting™ software contributes to a better overall audit experience.

Contact DWD today to see how the right technology can make your audit a breeze.