Nonprofit Year-end tips for the accountant.

Are you drowning in the details of budget preparation and approval, ACA planning, year-end reporting, and pre-audit groundwork?

It’s nearly impossible to keep your head above water this time of year.  , a leading software solutions developer for not-for-profit organizations wants to be your life preserver, keeping you afloat through Q4 and into the new year.

Click on the link below to download the 20 page “The Year-end Survival Guide for the Nonprofit Accountant”.

2017 Nonprofit Year End Survival Guide

Consider this third annual edition of ‘s Year-end Survival Guide as your lifebuoy, designed to provide buoyancy and prevent drowning in the details of closing the year’s books and planning for the fiduciary duties of the year ahead. 

In this Year-End Survival Guide for Nonprofit Accountants you’ll find:

Your Budget:  Review, Build, Revise, Repeat

The last quarter of the year is an opportune time to review what’s happened throughout the past 6 to 12 months – expected and unexpected – to determine your organization’s fiscal position and uncover lessons to apply going forward.

Closing the Books on 2017

In preparation for your key year-end reporting tasks, closing the books effectively is critical for determining financial performance and providing accurate results to stakeholders.

Preparing Your Annual Report

Whether you’re a small community based organization or a large national nonprofit, you probably spend a large amount of time preparing your annual report.  Learn the top 4 things people do with a nonprofit annual report.

Compliance Awareness

Many believe that keeping up with with the varied requirements of compliance has become more burdensome and costly in just the past 2 or 3 years.  Get an update on key compliance  requirements.

Pre-Audit Preparation

If you’ve been maintaining adequate documentation for all accounting transactions throughout the year, your audit prep shouldn’t be a problem.  Learn about the most common items reviewed by auditors so you can have them ready.

Strategic Planning for 2018

Nonprofit growth can be incredibly complex.  You can’t just set a new, higher fundraising goal and figure out what you’re going to do with the money if and when you get it.  Learn tips on how to build a year-end strategic growth plan.

Human Capital Planning

You need a strong team of competent people working together to achieve your mission.  Competition for this talent is becoming increasingly fierce.  Learn a number of low cost solutions that can be put into place to help recruit and retain talent.