You use your smartphone for everything, why not use it for work?

Top Reasons to Use the MIP Mobile App

  • Respond Quickly in Meetings
  • View Information on the Run and Out of the Office
  • Microix – Approve Documents on a Mobile Device

Setup requires a web server (IIS) if locally hosted (not applicable to Microix email), Android or Apple devices, app download from Google Play or iTunes. If your companies software is hosted through , this feature is included in your package.


  • Select your own statement format
  • Drill down
  • Date control
  • Export to PDF or Excel (must have viewer on device)
  • Filter on segment codes
  • Actual data only

                              Reports - Results

Account Balances

Available Budget Balance               Filter on Segment Codes               Add/Remove Columns

Available Budget Balance                     Filter on Segment Codes                  Add/Remove Columns


Approve documents via email on mobile device


Having all of this information at your fingertips is sure to make you more efficient and productive in 2014!