Learn about the top new features in MIP 2018.1.

Finance and accounting professionals continue to look for ways to save valuable time throughout the year to keep their performance at their best.  With this new release of MIP 2018.1, has launched a new MIP Idea Portal for conveniently submitting new feature and enhancement requests to the MIP Fund AccountingTM teams.

New Features & Functionality in MIP 2018.1TM

  •  Performance Improvements

    • Performance enhancements have been made systemwide
    • Quality enhancements have been made systemwide
  • EFT and Payroll Modules

    • Configure whether EFT for AP and Payroll Direct Deposit ACH files have filler rows at the end of the file
    • Specify if the ACH file should be configured for same-day clearing
  • MIP Idea Portal

    • You can find the MIP Idea Portal from the MIP Menu or at https://mipideas.abila.com. This portal contains over 20 unique categories across MIP for quickly submitting your ideas. You can also vote for ideas submitted by other customers and check statuses of all ideas.

Download What’s New in MIP Fund AccountingTM Version 2018.1 pdf

Are you aware of the features that were added to MIP version 2017?  Below we’ll recap the new features and functionality in MIP v2017.2 and V2017.1.

MIP v2017.2

  • DrillPoint Reports Enhancements
  • Performance Improvements
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • New MIP Idea Portal for Submitting Product Enhancement and New Idea Requests

View the full list of MIP v2017.2 enhancements.

MIP V2017.1

  • Updated Accounts Payable Workflow
  • Broad Report Enhancements
  • New Administration Options
  • New Payroll & Human Resource Features
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Expanded Accounts Payable API

View the full list of MIP v2017.1 enhancements.

If  you have any questions regarding any of these features or need assistance upgrading, please contact Adam Westgerdes at 260.423.2414.

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