In addition to enhancing MIP Fund Accounting software for 2014, has upgrades available for the Employee Web Services and Human Resources modules that will make you want to upgrade immediately.

MIP Employee Web Services

  • New system alerts responsible users of incomplete tasks
  • Message goes out to remind employees’ of leave request and tasks leading up to their leave
  • Travel Date has been changed to Expense Date for better record keeping

For the detailed list read What’s New in Employee Web Services Version 2014? pdf document.

MIP Human Resources

  • Check for updates no longer available, update through Auto Update
  • Audit records are created when tasks are assigned to employees
  • Employee certifications that are expired have a special grey shading to keep you on top of who needs what

For the detailed list read What’s New in MIP Human Resources Version 2014? pdf document.

As always, please feel free to contact support with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this or any other MIP Fund Accounting issue.

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