Several New Features & Enhancements

MIP Fund Accounting 2019.1 was released late last fall.  Are you aware of all the new features?

In this latest version, you will find several new features and enhancements to ensure you have greater reporting flexibility, stay abreast of the latest in security technology, maintain payroll tax compliance, and see improved usability for managing employee information.

There are many benefits to the new MIP Fund Accounting version 2019.1 release:

  • Maintenance of tax compliance
  • Increased security
  • Error prevention
  • More intuitive interface
  • Expanded reporting and visibility
  • Innovative, customizable dashboards
  • Enhanced encryption for MIP attachments


Updates for improved management of employee information and payroll tax compliance include:

  • Enhanced tracking of employee social security numbers to ensure consistency and improved usability with the Human Resource Management module.
  • Expanded tracking of timesheet reference data throughout MIP to provide added calculation and history tracking for large numbers of employees, as well as flow through of this information to reporting.
  • Adjustments to accommodate new payroll requirements in Arizona, and updated tax withholding information for the following states:  Illinois, Maryland, and New Jersey.


In this release, we have also improved methods for encrypting documents for added security:

  • Attachments are now encrypted using an updated, modernized algorithm.
  • A reminder message has been added to forms where signature images are frequently added to remind users to ensure that the file location they are using is secure.

Additional Enhancements

You will find other additional enhancements throughout MIP, including:

  • A new option within financial statements to add unposted transactions to the Balance Sheet and Statement of Financial Position, allowing for greater flexibility and visibility into your current financial position.
  • Improved messaging for data integrity check results that includes the organization’s name for improved clarity.

Reported Issues Fixed

As always, this release also includes fixes for customer-reported defects.  You can view a full list of resolved issues in the version 2019.x resolved issues article.

Microsoft Support Changes

Beginning March 31, 2019, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008R2 and SQL 2008R2 will no longer be supported for use with MIP Fund Accounting.

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