Sage CRM Mobile: A Beginner’s Guide

Sage CRM MobileWith smartphones and tablets gaining popularity workers are no longer tied to their desktops. In 2014, mobile internet usage is expected to surpass desktop use and continue growing.

Mobility is also changing CRM with more workers accessing Sage CRM on a mobile device. So what is Sage CRM Mobile exactly? Let’s take a closer look …

What is Sage CRM Mobile?

Sage CRM Mobile provides your team with access to important CRM data using a smartphone or tablet. Sage CRM can be accessed using the native iOS or Windows 8 mobile apps, or through the internet browser on a connected mobile device. Your managers, marketers, and salespeople will be able to work and access the same data as the desktop version.

There are many reasons to get started with Sage CRM Mobile, such as:

  • Better Customer Service

    Workers can check customer history, call notes and case information on-the-go and before they meet or talk to a customer.

  • Close More Sales

    With immediate access to sales leads and product information, your sales team will have the information they need to conduct business in real time and close more sales.

  • Increase Productivity

    Customer questions and case information are properly logged and documented to cut down on service time.

  • Reduce Paperwork

    Your staff can access and send required documentation to any department from anywhere.

Mobile App vs. Browser Access

While both access options allow you to conduct business on-the-go, they differ slightly in portability and ease of access.

With the Sage CRM mobile apps – Sage CRM Sales Lite for iOS and Sales Tracker for Windows 8 – you can view contacts, opportunities, notes, and customer information with or without an internet connection. If your mobile device has an internet connection, you can log into Sage CRM using the device’s mobile browser to run reports and make live updates to your Sage CRM database.

Both access options are available for Sage CRM customers – feel free to download the apps and log into Sage CRM using your tablet’s mobile browser. To find out if your version of Sage CRM is supported please download the Sage CRM Mobile Feature Matrix.

Getting Started with Sage CRM Mobile

Here are a few things more you can do with Sage CRM Mobile:

Access and Use Important Customer Information

Sage CRM mobile provides you with tools and information you need to better manage your customer contacts. Need directions to your next meeting? Simply log into Sage CRM using your mobile browser, find your contact’s information, and click on the address to open Google Maps.

The Sales CRM Sales Lite for iPhone also tracks, logs, and timestamps any communication (or attempted communication) made with a customer. This feature is perfect for staff working remotely or salespeople who need to report when they last contacted a customer.

Run and Share Reports

The reports in Sage CRM enables your team to run reports on-the-go as if they were sitting at a desktop. View, email, or collaborate on reports such Company List by Revenue, Person List by Company, or Related Companies to Cases.

What’s more? With the proper accessories you can even connect your tablet to a projector to present a Sage CRM report during a meeting.

Desktop and Mobile Views

You can view Sage CRM through the optimized mobile version or the traditional desktop view – the choice is yours. It’s easy to change your preference for Tablet Version or Desktop Version on your device. Log into Sage CRM on your desktop, select the Preferences tab and then select Change. You can then choose if you want Desktop View or Tablet view on your device.

How Employees Use and Benefit from Mobile CRM

Mobile CRMNow that CRM is well-established and proven its value for many businesses, IT departments are being asked to extend CRM to sales people, executives, and other road warriors who have become attached to smartphones for their convenience, easy access, and ‘always-on’ benefits.

This trend has lead to the increasing popularity of mobile CRM.  Simply put, your mobile employees will actually use and benefit from CRM and not view it as an administrative anchor that chains them to their desks.

A few noteworthy features in Sage CRM Mobile include:

  • Work offline and still access customers, contacts, and opportunities when out of coverage area. Data will sync back up once connected again.
  • Integration with maps to plan and navigate sales appointments.
  • Customize screen colors to identify different types of records at a glance (helpful on smaller devices).
  • Import phone contacts directly to Sage CRM.
  • Run and view sales reports on the move.

Taking Sage CRM on the Road

Sage CRM, part of the Sage 100 system, extends to your mobile device, delivering up-to-the-minute customer data through the convenience of wireless connectivity. And we’re not talking about a stripped-down, limited version of Sage CRM. Using your mobile device, you can access a full range of CRM functions to update contact details, review sales opportunities, or schedule follow-up activities and appointments while you’re on the road.

Having instant CRM access right in your back pocket can have far-reaching benefits. It improves the quality, timeliness, and perhaps most important, the accuracy of CRM data.  No more customer notes on Yellow lined notepads or chicken scratch on the back of a napkin that may not make it to your CRM system.  Even during a meeting, you can discretely pull out your mobile device, enter notes and schedule follow up meetings and to-do’s right on the spot which ensures timely and accurate follow up.

Online or Off, You Stay Productive

Another important aspect of Sage CRM mobile is that data can be stored locally on your device.  That way, you have the CRM information you need online or off.  Whether you’re in a meeting, on a plane, or in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa with no reception, you remain productive and can perform all CRM functions without having to connect and exchange data with the Sage CRM server. Simply work offline, stay productive, and synchronize later.

Extending CRM to your mobile workforce is quickly becoming a necessity and not an option if you want to remain efficient and competitive.

The benefits of mobile CRM go beyond tech trends and business jargon.  It can actually have a significant impact on your company, your employee’s day-to-day interactions, and your bottom line.

Her are 6 reasons you should invest in Sage CRM Mobile today.

  1. Close More Sales… In the Office or Away
    With mobile access to leads, contacts, and opportunities, your sales team will have the information they need to close more business in the office or on the road.
  2. Get to Know Your Customers Better
    Your staff can check customer history, call notes, and case information on-the-go or before they walk into a meeting with a major customer.  When you have access to your CRM solution on a mobile device, your team will never miss a beat.
  3. Say Goodbye to Paperwork
    In today’s digital world, nothing is more time consuming and error prone than dealing with paper.  Thanks to the tight integration with Sage 100 ERP, Sage CRM Mobile dramatically reduces paperwork and duplicate data entry.
  4. Reduced Errors & More Accurate Data
    When you provide mobile access to your CRM system, you’ll minimize the need for external sources of data (hand-written notes, spreadsheets, personal contacts, etc.)  The result?  Reduced errors, improved data accuracy, and information that’s available to everyone in real-time.
  5. Shorten Learning Curve, Improve Adoption
    When you allow your staff to use familiar mobile devices, such as an iPad or phone, they become more comfortable and likely to use CRM – which is good for your business.
  6. Improve Team Collaboration
    With data moving freely between employees and departments, you can tap into new ideas and information that can transform the way you do business.  Sage CRM Mobile breaks down department walls to encourage collaboration between teams and across your company.

Ready to Go Mobile?  Contact us for more information about setting up Sage CRM Mobile for your company.