Customer service should be more than just a department, it should be a mentality within your entire company allowing all key areas, sales, marketing and customer service to deliver a superior customer experience.

A solid sales, marketing and customer service foundation is critical to keeping your customers happy and your business  operating efficiently. This can begin with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution which helps to manage customer information in one central location and often contains the ability to automate key processes throughout your organization. CRM software that contains workflow automation capabilities, such as Sage CRM can help reduce manual processes that slow down sales and marketing efforts and hamper customer service.

Does your organization struggle with any of the issues that come with manual processes?

Sales – delays getting accurate quotes to customers or inconsistent or no sales follow-up

Marketing – marketing and sales efforts are not coordinated or sending the wrong message to the wrong audience

Customer Service – client issues are not followed up with in a timely manner leaving them even more unhappy with your company

How can CRM workflow automation improve your business?
With predefined, repeatable best-practice workflows, you can reduce errors and redundancy, saving valuable time in many processes. Sage CRM workflow automation can reduce administrative errors, improve business process efficiencies and improve communication and collaboration across your business.

Workflow automation can be particularly beneficial for your sales team. By automating sales workflows, you can track every lead from first contact to final sales closure. Alerts and notifications will help your sales team along the way by reminding them when to call and follow-up with each prospect. The workflow can be designed to require input after every interaction with the prospect in order to ensure consistent service and accurate tracking.

As with sales, workflow automation can streamline many areas of marketing and customer service ensuring consistent customer care throughout your business.

If you would like to learn more about CRM workflow automation or view a free demonstration, please contact DWD.