Sage CRM SolutionsThe workflows you incorporate into your business processes can be a competitive advantage.

When your workforce adheres to pre-defined and repeatable best-practices, your business is more efficient, your product or service more consistent, and you avoid having important customer service issues fall through the cracks. That’s where the automated workflow engine in Sage CRM can play a tremendous role and here’s why.

Sales Workflow

One of the most obvious places to start when discussing workflow in CRM is the sales process. Popularized sales methodologies like Solution Selling or Dale Carnegie can be built right into your Sage CRM system using workflows. At the task level, Sage CRM workflow can automatically create a follow up call reminder in your calendar after sending a proposal or automatically send a thank you email following a sale.

Here are a few benefits of sales workflow to consider:

  • Standardize lead qualification and follow up protocol
  • Achieve consistency in prospect communication
  • Automate the approval of quotes and discounts
  • Automate and assign rules-based tasks
  • Better analysis of where opportunities drop off in your sales process

Customer Service Workflow

Sage CRM workflow isn’t just for sales. It’s equally useful in order to ensure that customer service representatives take a systematic approach to processing information, escalating cases, and getting issues resolved quickly. For example if a customer service case or query remains unresolved for longer than a predefined period of time, the Sage CRM workflow process triggers an automatic escalation notification to the customer care manager.

Endless Workflow Possibilities

The way you leverage Sage CRM Workflow is completely up to you. You can modify the standard workflows out of the box or create completely new and customized workflows that work hand-in-hand with Sage CRM. The possibilities for workflow automation are endless … sales, marketing, customer service, contract management, service scheduling, time tracking and billing, and production are all areas of your operation that can benefit from consistent and repeatable workflow processes.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning how Sage CRM and Sage 100 ERP work together or if you’d like some tips on leveraging workflow automation.

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