Breathe new life into your existing customer relationships.

For years now, businesses have been watching for the Green shoots of economic recovery before investing in technology and business growth. But the fact is, what we see now may just be the new economy.  And in the new economy, ‘business as usual’ may not cut it.

That’s why many companies are investing in CRM software – like Sage CRM – that not only protects your existing customer relationships, but helps uncover hidden revenue opportunities and cost savings that have been there all along.

How Does CRM Help?

First, CRM software helps you get to know your customers better, uncover hidden cross-sell opportunities, and breathe new life into your existing customer relationships.

Beyond your existing customers, CRM software can also help you find and attract new business at a lower cost-of-sale than traditional methods where sales people are managing contacts and opportunities in spreadsheets and Outlook folders – an approach that requires more people, more administration, and more cost.

CRM Lowers the Cost of Sales

CRM software is designed to help you sell more effectively and efficiently. This is due to the fact that your sales people (and managers) have a single point of access to contacts, calendars, meetings, follow-up tasks, accounts, call lists, sales opportunities, pipeline reports, and everything else they need to produce more revenue per sales hour. And with automated workflow built right into the software, there’s less paperwork and administration and a lot more selling. It also means that everyone is following the same successful sales methodology and focusing on opportunities that are most likely to close.

Keep Customers Coming Back for More

For many businesses, customer relationships are more profitable after the initial sale … and that’s where CRM comes in. You can track your customers’ communication preferences (phone, email, fax, etc.), sales history, recent purchases, complementary products, and other important data that will help you deliver highly-targeted and timely follow up. In that way, CRM software helps you uncover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and maximize the lifetime value of every customer relationship.

Integration and a Bird’s Eye View

The goal of any good CRM system should be to integrate everything you know about your customers into a single location.

With Sage CRM and Sage 100, you’ve got one less thing to think about because the integration between ERP and CRM is built right in!

Everyone who has direct contact with a customer – whether it’s a sales person, support technician, or accounting staff – has up-to-date customer information on-hand. That means sales people have access to recent shipments or customer credit status without fumbling about in the accounting system. It also means that customer service or support staff is better able to resolve customer inquiries on the spot, rather than passing them to another department or promising to call back with an answer.

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