Nowadays, more consumers are using social media to research products, ask questions, and solicit recommendations from their social networks. So we want to introduce you to the concept of Social CRM. Combining social media conversations with your in-house CRM data to help uncover new opportunities.

What is Social CRM?
Social CRM is often used as a synonym for social media monitoring, where a company monitors services like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for relevant mentions of their business or product.

But Social CRM is more than just monitoring what people are saying. It makes customer conversations on social media a part of your traditional business activities by combining it with traditional CRM tools like Sage CRM.

It’s important to note that Social CRM is not a new idea that is going to replace a traditional CRM system, but an evolution and extension of how CRM is used.

Benefits of Social CRM

Benefits of Social CRM can include:

  • 360°View of Customers – Track it all, from basic customer data to email, sales calls, and social interactions.
  • Respond Faster – Deliver timely responses and solve customer issues quickly using social channels.
  • Drive Revenue – Leverage “social prospecting” to pick up on conversations and take advantage of potential revenue opportunities you might otherwise miss.
  • More Targeted Marketing – Know which social sites your customers are using and what they are looking for to develop more targeted marketing campaigns.

How Sage CRM Can Help

Sage CRM integrates with the top social media networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter,so that you can engage consumers and monitor competitors online.

Another recently-added social feature in Sage CRM is the integration with Yammer – a private social network that allows your company to collaborate across departments and office locations.

These integrations make it easy to leverage the wealth of valuable customer and prospect data on social media and combine it with your traditional Sage CRM data to unlock opportunity and insight that drives competitive advantage.

Getting Started with Social CRM

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