Merging Vendors in MIP

Have you had instances where you had to create multiple vendors? Learn how to clean up your vendor list by merging them into one record with multiple addresses.

Understanding Abila MIP Report Dates

Regarding the four dates on the various Report/Setup tabs: Most Abila MIP Fund Accounting financial reports allow you to report on Current Period and/or Current Year information by making the appropriate selection on the Contents tab.

Understanding Aged Reports in MIP

The AP/AR aging reports can present what appear to be inaccurate numbers. To analyze the financial picture that is painted it is important to understand how transactions are included in the report and with what date.

How to Create a System Generated Accounts Receivable Invoice (ARS) in MIP

When the Accounts Receivable Billing Module is owned, it allows the user to create, print, and email the actual AR invoice to the customer. Without it, the user can only enter manual AR invoices, ARB’s into MIP. The steps in this software tip outline how to create a system-generated AR invoice through the MIP Fund Accounting Software.

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