Are you looking for a way to be faster at your computer? Are you unaware of keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys?  They can save you precious time while making your user experience easier.

You are probably familiar with a few of these shortcuts already. Hitting Ctrl+C to copy text or Ctrl+V to paste that text. There is an entire world of awesome shortcuts out there, just waiting to be utilized.

With keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly switch between applications, move windows around, bring up handy apps like calculator without going through the Start menu. Other functions allow for easier accessibility, such as text to speech and zoom. 

Whether or not you plan on casually using a few shortcuts, or aspire to becoming virtuoso of keyboard sleight of hand, learning these techniques can be fun. Here are a few handy shortcuts to get you started

  • Winkey+F lets you quickly search within your files and folders

  • Winkey(+)+ or – to zoom in and out of the screen.

  • Winkey+Space makes your active windows transparent.
  • Shift+Arrow Highlights text.
  • Shift+f7 opens up Thesaurus in MS Word.


If you found those handy and you would like to explore more, below is a comprehensive list of shortcuts for Windows 7.