Four Ways DNS Filtering Software Can Benefit Your Business

Would you like to boost employee productivity while protecting your business from damaging cyberattacks? If so, domain name system (DNS) filtering may be just what you’re looking for.

DNS is the program that matches website domain names with the site’s numerical IP address so users can simply type in a domain name without having to memorize a string of numbers for each site they visit. Filtering software, as the name implies, puts limitations on the sites that can be accessed via company computers.

There are two primary ways to filter internet domain names: an allowlist and a blocklist. An allowlist is the most limiting option it only allows employees to visit a set list of sites. A blocklist enables employees to visit any site that you haven’t added to the blocklist.

How DNS Filtering Software Can Benefit Your Business

DNS filtering software provides many benefits, including:

Preventing a range of web-based cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are on the rise. In fact, one occurs every 39 seconds. Just one click on a malicious email or link can set your business back tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, if your clients’ or business partners’ personal information is lost as a result of the attack, you could face legal action.

DNS filtering software halts web-based cyberattacks by preventing malicious websites from loading. It’s not an alternative to cyber safety protocols and training, but it can boost your cybersecurity in case an employee makes a mistake and clicks on the wrong link.

Preventing malicious downloads

DNS filters can be programmed to stop malicious downloads from the internet. Malicious downloads are particularly dangerous because they are designed to cause as much damage as possible to an IT system. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for even savvy employees to click on the wrong download link, especially if they work from home and are accustomed to sending and receiving attached files from coworkers, supervisors, or clients. Hackers can even access a legitimate company account to send malicious files to unsuspecting workers. With DNS filtering software, the IT system will not process the download request, thereby preventing a serious breach.

Preventing employees from visiting unproductive sites while working

A survey found that a whopping 64% of employees make daily visits to non-work-related websites while on the job. What’s more, nearly 25% of these employees waste between 5 to 10 hours a week, on your dime, as they surf the web, shop online, and engage in other nonproductive work.

DNS filtering is an easy way to stop employees from getting on unproductive sites because you can block all social media networks, news sites, online shopping sites, and more. As an added benefit, DNS filtering software doesn’t invade employee privacy, which is an issue that could lower employee morale or even lead to legal action against your company.

Offering protection for off-site workers

Allowing employees to work from home has many benefits. Unfortunately, your in-office cybersecurity system won’t protect remote workers from cyberattacks.

DNS filtering software can enable employees to work at home or even in a public place such as a library or cafe without having to worry too much about breaches. As long as the computer has DNS filtering software, it will stop employees from accidentally visiting malicious websites or downloading dangerous files.

A good DNS filtering software program can work wonders for your business. It’s adaptable, so you can add or remove sites from your blocklist or allowlist. It prevents many different kinds of cyberattacks while stopping employees from giving in to the temptation to use work hours for personal purposes.

Keeping Your IT Infrastructure Safe

For most companies, IT infrastructure is the backbone of a business. Without it, it would be difficult or even impossible for them to make sales or provide services. DNS filtering software isn’t just a “nice feature to have,” but a necessary protective shield to enable you to keep your business running smoothly long-term. For more information about DNS filtering software and a free security assessment, contact us today.

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