Many offices have it, that place where old or outdated technology is discarded. Maybe it’s a closet that’s overflowing with discarded phones, keyboards, and desktops. Perhaps it’s the vacant cubicle or the cabinets over the water cooler.

When old technology takes up more space than it should, consider your options when disposing of it.

  • Take it to a recycler – Many businesses choose to take their outdated tech to a chain store or local recycler. Often the chain store will charge a small fee for the service and it’s important to know what can and cannot be received. This is a far better option than simply discarding old technology. There are many components that are harmful to the environment as well as humans and animals, such as mercury.
  • Sell old technology – Why not put a little money into the petty cash fund. Selling old technology is a great way to help the budget as well as clear up valuable office space. Many times, small upstart businesses, students, and bargain hunters are looking for functional and affordable technology on places like Craigslist and eBay. Caution: make sure you completely erase any personal data from any sold or donated computers and smart phones.
  • Get creative. There are many creative ways to use your old office technology. If you have an old LCD monitor and computer, you can easily set it up to display graphics and information about your business in areas like the reception desk. There are many great ideas on online.
  • Donate your old technology. Your old phone system, fax machine, or printer may not seem to be of any use to you now, it may be of great use to someone else. Check your local area to see if there is a donation center or organization that can help. Often these donations can be tax deductible.

When your office is spring cleaning, ask yourself what the best way to get rid of your outdated technology. It’s important to keep what you need, however. You never know when someone will spill coffee on a keyboard and need a quick replacement.