Windows 10 Upgrade Invitations on Are Coming on Business Networks

Windows 10 UpgradeMicrosoft is increasing the push of its new Operating System, Windows 10 by changing it’s status to “Recommended Update” within it’s Automatic Updates feature.

We would like to bring to your attention the risk that you soon may face regarding Windows 10 Automatic Upgrades.

Up until now, business networks (domains) have not been targeted with Microsoft’s push to have all Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers automatically upgraded to Windows 10. That has recently changed and you may soon see Windows 10 upgrade invitations on business networks.

It’s free – so what are the risks

  • Your system may not be able to handle Windows 10 efficiently.
  • Your connected or networked printers, scanners, and hardware may stop working.
  • Your software may stop working, especially any custom or third party industry specific programs.

There are several steps you can take to keep the update from running. You will need to determine which best fits your specific business.

  1. Warn users not to click Yes, or Learn More when prompted to update. Sample prompt appears below. You are relying on your users here – we recommend one of the following steps instead.
  2. Turn off the ‘latest version of Windows through Windows Update’ in Computer Configuration.  (Note: This feature requires you to have the latest updates for Windows 7 installed, if you don’t see this feature please contact us for help).
  3. Have your Network Administrator modify your centralized updating process on the server. Not sure if you have this? Call us.
  4. Additional Methods: by modifying Registry entries, there are ways to remove or block this installation – these require advanced knowledge of Windows and the way updates are applied. We strongly recommend contacting us before attempting Registry changes.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Please contact our Network Engineers at 260.423.2414 if you have any questions or need assistance.