Sage Alerts & Workflow provides the right information at the right time.

Most HR departments rely on reports—reams of them.  There is so much data and so many things you need to keep track of, it’s really easy for important tasks to fall through the cracks or for deadlines to be missed.

But instead of flipping through stacks of paper or generating tons of onscreen reports searching for the information you need, why not have that data find YOU instead?

Your Data is Trying to Tell You Something

You’ll probably agree that better decision-making hinges on the right people gaining access to the right information at the right time.  From open enrollment and benefits changes to managing overtime and sticking to filing deadlines, timing is important. And that’s where Sage Alerts & Workflow comes in.

Sage Alerts and Workflow

Eliminate the Slack with Business Alerts

Sage Alerts & Workflow is an automated ‘alert and response’ system that actively monitors your Sage HRMS and Payroll database for important deadlines and events (that you pre-define) such as benefits expiration, hire date anniversaries, and performance reviews. Once an event is triggered, the system automatically fires off an alert and routes it to the person or people that need to know.

Imagine your Sage HRMS system proactively telling you when John Doe exceeds 20 hours of overtime this week, when Sam Smith is due for his performance review, or that the new benefit plan for Lori Jones is effective starting today.

Once these HR-related events are triggered, you’ll receive an alert by email, mobile phone, on-screen pop, or one of several other alert delivery options.  It’s your choice to determine who receives the alert and how.

If there’s an event, deadline, or any other HR-related activity you need to know about in a timely fashion, Sage Alerts & Workflow has you covered.

More Than Just Alerts

Typically, receiving an alert isn’t enough – it’s just the first step that initiates a process or requires a response.  Most of the time, some sort of action or task follows the alert.

That’s why Sage Alerts & Workflow is designed to make it faster and easier for you to take action on the alerts that it generates. Once an event or alert is triggered, the system can automatically run reports and send them to an HR manager, generate new hire or other HR forms and attach them to an email, update the status of an employee in Sage HRMS, or just about any other action you’d normally have to perform manually.

Keeping You Alert and Proactive

When it comes to HR and payroll, missed deadlines can be costly. That’s why it’s important to leverage technology that helps you keep tabs on what’s happening, what didn’t happen, and perhaps most importantly, what needs to happen soon.

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