The New Subscription-Based Payroll Pricing Tiers & New Payroll Features

Sage PayrollSage recently announced that beginning in May 2016, it will be changing the way payroll and payroll services are offered to Sage 100 software users.  In addition to new pricing tiers, new and improved features have been added that will save you time and money.

The new payroll subscription includes the same payroll processing capabilities you are familiar with today, but will reflect tiered pricing based on the number of employees for which you process payroll.

This new subscription covers:

  • Support and maintenance
  • Tax table updates (for supported versions)
  • Direct deposit services including Sage passing the ACH file to the bank – New!
  • Unlimited support call, chat, and online resources for payroll EFT or direct deposit file generation issues.
  • Free Anytime Learning for payroll and direct deposit course offerings through Sage University.

Frequently Asked Questions about the changes to payroll and payroll services for Sage 100 users.

When Will the Changes Take Place?

Beginning in May 2016, Sage 100 customers running the U.S. Payroll Module will see a change in pricing. Based on newly-structured payroll tiers, customers will only pay based on the number of paychecks processed for active employees.

Why is Sage Implementing Price Tiers?

Sage feels the new pricing structure is more fair and consistent because you’ll now pay only based on the number of employees for whom you process payroll. For example, a customer with only 10 employees on payroll will no longer pay the same price as a customer with 250 employees.

What Do the Tiers Look Like?

There are 13 subscription-based payroll tiers starting with customers that have a maximum of 10 active employees, all the way up to companies that have over 500 employees.

Sage 100 Payroll Tiers

The subscription-based pricing requires an annual commitment that can be paid either monthly or yearly by credit card or ACH debit (no checks). If you own the payroll module before April 18, 2016, your subscription is calculated based on Existing Customer pricing – which you’ll notice is substantially less than pricing for New Customers that purchase U.S. Payroll after April 18th.

What Happens Next?

Beginning in May 2016, existing Sage 100 payroll customers will be asked to subscribe to the new payroll tiers prior to your next Sage Business Care Plan renewal. Payroll will be invoiced separately and unbundled from the Business Care plan for the rest of your ERP modules. As part of the notification process and transition, you’ll be asked to validate your payroll tier based on the number of paychecks processed. You can move up or down tiers any time prior to your next billing.

Got Questions?

Do you have questions regarding the recent changes to payroll and payroll services for Sage 100 users?  Please contact Mary Hildinger, Sage 100 Systems Consultant at 260.423.2414 for assistance.

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