Sage 100c is now called Sage 100cloud

Just when you thought you had the different product names figured out, we learned that Sage will be changing the name of Sage 100c.  Effective March 2018, Sage 100c will be renamed to Sage 100cloud.

What’s Behind the Sage 100c Name Change?

In order to align the connected cloud (or c-line) products with Sage’s Business Cloud, Sage is updating the name of these products to spell out the word “cloud”.  As part of the connected cloud product family, Sage 100c will be renamed to Sage 100cloud.

This is a marketing change only and will NOT be changed within the product, or in other communications such as training, invoices, maintenance renewal notifications, etc.

  • Sage 50c is now named Sage 50cloud
  • Sage 100c is now named Sage 100cloud
  • Sage 200c is now named Sage 200cloud
  • Sage 300c is now named Sage 300cloud

What is the Sage Business Cloud?

The Sage Business Cloud is a cloud platform with a broad range of cloud products and marketplace applications that can be combined to deliver tailored solutions to meet customer’s unique business needs.  The Sage Business Cloud includes Accounting, Financials, Enterprise Management, People, Payroll, and Payments & Banking.

Connected cloud products, including Sage 100cloud, Sage 200cloud and Sage 50cloud will be marketed with the Sage Business Cloud, but will not be a part of the technical platform.

Is Sage Going to Force its Sage 100 Customers to Move to the Cloud?

No.  Although the name is changing, the product remains an on-premise solution with the same functionality you know and love.

Products that fall into the c-line of the Sage family, including Sage 100c do not have a clear path to the cloud.  This doesn’t mean they’ll be going away or you’ll be forced onto a cloud product.

Sage recognizes that businesses need the option to move to the cloud at their own pace, so they are providing options for them.  If a customer wants to move to the cloud, Sage has a path with Sage Business Cloud.  If a customer wants to remain using its c-line product (such as Sage 100c) you can do so and gain some of the new features a connected solutions has to offer like, automatic data backups and invoicing in the fields.

Is there Anything Else I Should Know?

No.  Just keep in mind, that the name change is primarily a marketing change designed to align Sage 100c with Sage’s other cloud focused products.  There’s no new licensing or features to become familiar with.  It’s the same product, just a different name.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to your Sage 100 software consultant at 260.423.2414.

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