Like an electronic watchdog, Sage Alerts and Workflow (formerly KnowledgeSync) keeps a close eye on your Sage 100 database, scanning for business events and conditions that you define. Perhaps best of all, Sage Alerts and Workflow will automatically take action once these pre-defined conditions are triggered.

Here’s why this technology can be an important tool for your business.

Sniffing Things Out
Sage Alerts and Workflow is a “monitor & response” system that watches for changing conditions within your business and automatically executes the appropriate response. On the “monitor” side of the equation, Sage Alerts and Workflow leverages familiar database alerts technology. You know, anytime inventory is running low, an accounts payable check exceeds a certain amount, a shipment is late, or accounts receivable collections are creeping up, someone in your company gets a real-time alert to their email, cell phone, fax machine, or other device.

Attacking the Issue
But when it comes to the “response,” Sage Alerts & Workflow really excels. After all, it may not be good enough to simply receive an alert because you still have to stop what you’re doing and take care of the situation … unless you have Sage Alerts & Workflow.

It works hand in hand with Sage 100 ERP so once an alert condition is triggered, Sage Alerts & Workflow can be configured to take action. For example, it can automatically generate and fax/email a purchase order to replenish stock, run a report and email the results to you, send a reminder of an overdue invoice to your customer, and just about any other action you’d normally perform manually.

Don’t You Have Something Better to Do?
Every minute of every person’s workday matters. Any time you allocate an employee to do work that can be accomplished through automation, you’re wasting precious time and resources. It just makes good sense to take a critical look at the tasks that each person performs and ask yourself “could that task be automated?” For example, if you’re manually generating purchase orders when inventory runs low, tracking down late deliveries, or sending reminders when customer receivables are late, an investment in Sage Alerts & Workflow can save you tons of time by automating those tasks.

While Sage Alerts & Workflow comes with an extensive collection of pre-configured alert events (covering some of the most common business scenarios), the possibilities for automation using customized triggers and responses are limited only by your imagination. Plus, these automation events are built using a structured step-by-step process which means you don’t have to be a technical wizard to build custom alerts and responses.

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