Achieve significant cost savings when you go paperless

Once a separately-priced module, the Paperless Office is now included as part of your core Sage 100 system. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this free module, perhaps now is the time to take a closer look at the significant cost savings that result when you “go paperless”.

All That Paper is Slowing You Down

When examining typical business processes, paperwork has often been identified as a major bottleneck. Whether it’s the storage, retrieval, or processing of paper, improving access to important documents has been shown to significantly increase workplace efficiency.

Sage 100 Paperless Office digitizes your printed documents and converts them to PDF format. These documents might include Journals and Registers, Period-End Reports, Orders and Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Direct Deposit Pay Stubs.

Besides the obvious reduction in paper costs and printing supplies, you can find these electronic documents faster by using the powerful search features in Paperless Office. No more wasted time digging through file cabinets or searching for misplaced invoices. Plus, these electronic documents can be accessed simultaneously by employees on premise or away from the office.

Electronic Forms Delivery

The powerful electronic forms delivery feature of Paperless Office allows you to email invoices and statements directly from within Sage 100. You can easily configure each customer to receive invoices and statements by email, printed hard copy, or both.

Plus you can include multiple email addresses so that your documents are routed to the individuals and departments that need copies. It all results in timelier processing and delivery while reducing the cost of paper, envelopes, and postage!

Document Management – Beyond Paperless Office

A full-featured document management solution, such as, is designed to go above and beyond the capability of Paperless Office. In addition to the storage and retrieval of documents after they’ve been posted, DocLink incorporates electronic workflow processing and routing through the use of customized business rules. Documents can be viewed, approved, and annotated before being routed to another department or employee for further processing.

DocLink users can also “rubber stamp” approvals electronically, track invoices that are currently in authorization or resolution status, view documents or vouchers side-by-side, and manage information more effectively to assist with regulatory compliance related to the protection of information such as Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPPA.

Putting It All Together

Whether you take a first step with Sage 100 Paperless Office or graduate to a full-blown document management solution like DocLink, going paperless will have tremendously positive implications for your business.

In addition to a significant increase in productivity, you’ll free up office space currently reserved for paper storage, improve timeliness of communication and document delivery via automated email or fax, enhance document security, save money in paper costs and postage, and extend the reach of documents to multiple people in separate locations. It’s time to turn all that paper into vapor and experience the benefits and cost savings of going green!

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