Different plans, different needs.

Ever wonder why every year, you get a notice to renew your Sage Business Care plan as part of your Sage 100 software investment? Have you wondered what it includes exactly? In this article, we’ll answer those questions and more.

What is “Business Care”?

Sage 100 Sage Business Care represents support and maintenance costs that every ERP software developer puts in place. This annual fee provides for ongoing research and development, product improvements, new version releases, and continued innovation so that Sage 100 keeps pace with broader changes in technology (in other words, helps to prevent Sage 100 from becoming obsolete).

Also depending on which Sage Business Care plan you choose, it also includes various levels of customer support.

Sage 100 Business Care Benefits

Here’s a look at what’s included in all Sage 100 Business Care Plans.

Product Upgrade, Updates and Enhancements

Each year, Sage makes a significant investment in product development to update and extend Sage products. Sage Business Care plan, ensures your software is up to date by receiving product releases that incorporate all the latest productivity enhancements, software and hardware compatibility updates, and security features. As well you get access to critical updates, product fixes, and patches over the term of your plan. 

24 x 7 Knowledgebase Access

Each plan comes with unlimited access to the Sage Knowledgebase, the same problem-solving information used by Sage support centers which provides you with fast and searchable support knowledge.   The Sage Knowledgebase and Customer portal provides fast, searchable access to a comprehensive support database. Use the answers in the Knowledgebase to prepare for upgrades, avoid known issues, access troubleshooting tips, solve challenges, leverage best practices, and minimize disruptions to your business. 

Sage 100 Business Care Plans

Different Sage Business Care plan options allow you to choose the level of support you need.  All items listed below are provided directly from Sage Software.

Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Product enhancements and critical updates × × ×
Version upgrades and enhancements × × ×
24/7 access to the online support knowledge × × ×
Sage City peer-to-peer community help × × ×
Access to the Sage support team for five (5) support cases annually × × ×
1 user of Sage Intelligence Reporting (Report Manager + Designer Module) × × ×
1 user for Sage CRM × × ×
Include licenses for DSD / Scanforce Multi-Bin Basics * × × ×
Unlimited number of support cases × ×
Unlimited Anytime Learning courses × ×
20% Saving on Instructor-led Training × ×
2 additional users for Sage Intelligence Reporting (Report Manager + Designer Module) ×
2 additional users for Sage CRM ×
30% savings on Instructor-led Training ×

* Available for Sage 100cloud only

Note on Sage 100cloud – with a Sage 100cloud subscription, Sage Business Care plans include additional features that are not available for Sage 100 Classic (perpetual license).

Contact us if you have questions about business care or need personalized support from our team of Sage 100 technical experts.

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