There is a lot of information floating around the internet regarding the future of Sage BusinessWorks. So what are the real facts around its sunset and retirement?

DWD Technology Group has been a Sage BusinessWorks partner since 1994 and has been a member of Sage’s Business Partner Advisory Council (BPAC) for many of those years. We are your source for accurate and up-to-date BusinessWorks product information.

As a Sage BusinessWorks Partner we know the following to be true:

  • Sage has NOT announced a decision to sunset BusinessWorks.
    If you see advertising that states otherwise, it is just a scare tactic that is being used to move users off BusinessWorks and onto other solutions.
  • Sage HAS classified BusinessWorks as a “non-core” product.
    As a non-core product, Sage will limit future BusinessWorks research and development efforts for new product features and functionality.
  • Following version 2013, new features and functionality will be released within service packs. This new “On-going Update” format will replace the ANNUAL upgrade.
    To alleviate the need for users to complete a formal software upgrade each year, Sage will offer a new ongoing update format where new features and functionality are released as available within service packs.

Is Your BusinessWorks System Fulfilling the Needs of Your Company?

DWD offers a free Needs Assessment (a $250 value) to help you determine if BusinessWorks is still a good fit for the needs of your business. This analysis will take a detailed look at your company and all aspects of your accounting operations. The questions will help determine exactly where your needs lie and how well your BusinessWorks system is meeting those needs.

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