Over the past few months, we’ve heard some grumblings about the increased price of Sage Software’s BusinessWorks Business Care plans.  We understand your concerns.

While the cost of Business Care plans are not within our control, we thought it might be helpful to provide BusinessWorks users with an outline of all the benefits that are included as part of your business care plan.

If you’re paying for it, make sure you’re taking advantage of it.

3 BusinessWorks Business Care Plans:  Bronze, Silver & Gold

Gold Business Care Plan

The most comprehensive plan available is the Gold Plan. This plan offers unlimited access* to telephone, email, and chat support, as well as unlimited access to Tech Thursday and Business-Building Workshops, in addition to two Private Tutor Sessions per year.

Silver Business Care Plan

The Silver Plan offers a limited number of support cases* and Sage Business Care Workshops.

Bronze Business Care Plan

The Bronze plan is designed for companies that use their business partner exclusively for support and training, allowing you access to all available software version upgrades and service pack updates.

*All Business Care Plan support cases are provided directly by Sage Software.

Sage BusinessWorks Business Care Plans

Sage Business Care Workshops*

Tech Thursday (Silver Plan = 5 sessions, Gold Plan = unlimited sessions)

You’ll meet and interact with speakers, consultants, and product experts who can help you get the information you need to get the most out of your Sage BusinessWorks software.

Business-Building: (Silver Plan = 5 sessions, Gold Plan = unlimited sessions)

Attend webcasts designed to provide insight into various areas of interest across your business. General business topics cover a range of relevant concepts such as successful business tactics during an economic slump, and how to maximize the value of your technology investment.  Specific functional topics are designed to convey practical expertise to everyone within your business.

*All Business Care Plan Workshops are provided directly by Sage Software.

Support Cases* (Bronze Plan = 2 cases, Silver Plan = 5 cases, Gold Plan = unlimited cases)

Whether you have a question, wonder if your Sage BusinessWorks system can help you with a prospective business opportunity, or need help with an error code, Sage’s product assistance team can answer your questions.

*All Business Care Plan Workshops are provided directly by Sage Software.

Private Tutor* (Gold Plan = 2 sessions; discounted sessions available for purchase with all plans)

Personalized, interactive online training sessions designed to meet your specific training requirements.  Created expressly for your company, Private Tutor sessions are an easy way to get started with a new module or become better versed with functions you use regularly.

*All Business Care Plan Private Tutor sessions are provided directly by Sage Software.

Payroll Tax Updates

For customers on an active Sage Business Care Plan using Sage BusinessWorks Payroll, the Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Tax Update Service is included and provides payroll tax updates and necessary supporting files for U.S. customers so you can handle payroll in-house and ensure your payroll system is in compliance.

In addition, you’ll have access to Sage BusinessWorks Enhanced Tax Reporting to streamline your tax filing process and save you money by automatically populating more than 250 federal and state payroll tax forms using your Sage BusinessWorks data. Just edit, print, and sign—or, for an additional fee, eFile!4 Forms include 941, 940, 4-up W-2s, W-3, state tax forms, new hire reports, and more. Enhanced 1099 reporting also produces 1099 Miscellaneous forms. And, best of all, Sage BusinessWorks customers who maintain a current Sage Business Care plan may eFile their Federal W-2 forms with Aatrix for no additional charge!

We want to make sure you are receiving the most out of your BusinessWorks Business Care Plan investment.  If you have questions regarding the benefits you receive with an active Business Care plan, please contact us at 260-423-2414 or info@dwdtechgroup.com.