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Are You Listening to Your Data?

Sage Alerts & Workflow acts like a smoke detector for your ERP data. It continuously monitors your Sage 100 database for potential problems, alerts you to the situation, and can even be configured to automatically take action like execute a task or forward a report.

Here are some common conditions that you can closely monitor with Sage Alerts & Workflow:

  • Your largest customer stops buying from you or a past-due customer is placing another order

  • The gross profit on your top seller suddenly drops
  • Inventory is running low or deliveries are delayed
  • A lease or contract is about to expire
  • Many, many more …

Maybe best of all, you get more than just an alert. Sage Alerts & Workflow can be configured to automatically put a customer on credit hold, create a purchase order, generate a Sage 100 report and route it to the appropriate manager, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Sage Alerts & Workflow Key Capabilities


Get automated alerts about any business condition in your Sage 100 system. Deliver alerts via any method or device including email, text, fax, dashboard, or instant message. And send them to anyone; employees, customers, and suppliers.


When a client becomes overdue, automatically put them on credit hold; when stock runs low, auto-create a purchase order. And if a support request is received via email, turn that message into a support ticket. Move data between applications and create custom integrations that turn resource-intensive manual processes into automated business activities.


Auto-deliver relevant forms, documents, and reports to the people who need them. Automate the generation and delivery of invoices to customers, purchase orders to suppliers, and analytical reports to managers. Schedule reports to auto-distribute based on any recurring schedule.

Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

One of the key benefits of Sage Alerts & Workflow is that it reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) which, in turn, provides a quick return on your technology investment. DSO measures the efficiency of a company’s A/R management. Revenue tied up in receivables cannot be used to fund operations or grow the business.

Sage Alerts & Workflow lowers DSO by . . .

– Delivering invoices, statements & collections notices

– Alerting sales staff about overdue receivables

– Putting past due customers on hold

– Requiring no human intervention

– Acting on delinquent customers at the moment they become past due

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