The Requisitions Module enables your entire staff to create purchase requests from their own computer.

Worried about missing information? Administrators will set the parameters that need to be met for the request to go through, minimizing the room for error. The requests go through a multi-level approval process, once approved they get converted to a Purchase Order, and are seamlessly entered into your Sage MIP Fund Accounting software as an A/P transaction.

Features of the Requisitions Module Include:

  • Budget Control
  • Purchase Order Entries
  • Email Approval
  • System Alert
  • Requisition With Purchase Order to Invoice Process
  • Requisition With Purchase Order to Encumbrance Process
  • Seamless Integration and much more!

Please contact me at if you are interested in seeing a demonstration of this module, or if you have any additional questions or concerns about your Sage MIP Fund Accounting software.