Sales and marketing bring new customers to your business, but it’s your Customer Service department that keeps them with you for the long haul.

Perhaps now more than ever, it’s important to build and retain a solid base of loyal customers because new business is just so difficult to come by in this economy.  Your sales and marketing teams have a fantastic set of tools in Sage CRM to help them accomplish their goals effectively. But have you considered extending Sage CRM to your Customer Service and Support teams?

If not, then read on and discover why Sage CRM is your “TICKET” to great customer service.

What’s in Your Toolbox?
Ask yourself this question … what tools do your service and support departments rely on to take care of your customers AFTER the initial sale? If your answer includes a loose collection of spreadsheets and stacks of hand-written follow up reminders, then the Sage CRM Customer Service component might be for you.

Whether you sell products that require technical support or provide services that continue well beyond the initial sale, Sage CRM Customer Service component provides you with tools to manage resources, resolve issues, track customer requests, provide high quality service, and build long-lasting relationships.

Now That’s the Ticket
Sage CRM Customer Service is built around the concept of service “tickets” that contain detailed information about a specific customer support request, contact information, resolution status, urgency of the issue, resources assigned, and service contract details.

It’s useful to think of a ticket as similar to a patient’s hospital chart. Both serve the purpose of defining a problem and coordinating the effort of several people and/or resources that will work to resolve an issue at various times and stages. It’s like a To-Do List on steroids that helps you manage longer-term   issues requiring more than a quick chat to resolve. From within a ticket, employees can schedule phone calls, meetings, to-dos, review support history, send and track email to customers, coordinate resources, and much more.

Better Information = Better Service

All service & support activities are captured in Sage CRM so you can accumulate a knowledgebase of common issues and resolutions. Your service reps can then use the powerful search engine to review prior tickets, procedures, FAQ’s, and reference material to quickly resolve customer issues. Plus, the reporting capabilities help Managers analyze customer service metrics, support trends, unresolved issues, and overall team effectiveness in delivering a fantastic customer experience.

A Few Nice Features

  • Web-based Customer Portal – empower your customers to find what they need online at their convenience with the ability to add or edit tickets, submit comments and attachments, and review the status of their request.
  • All In One – as a component of Sage CRM, your customer service and support data is combined with sales and marketing information to provide a complete 360-degree view of your entire customer lifecycle.
  • Configurable Workflow – Sage CRM Customer Service molds to your processes by allowing you to configure workflow, escalation conditions, and notification routing.

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