In a lean economy, your customers are more willing to shop around (and even check with your competitors) for the best value and service available. That’s why it’s more important than ever to streamline your customer service processes, keep your customers happy, and focus on customer retention and loyalty as a means of protecting revenue.

Let’s take a look at how Sage CRM can help.Sage CRM Integrates with Sage 100 ERP

A Full Set of Tools At Your SERVICE

What tools do your service and support personnel rely on to take care of your customers AFTER the initial sale? If your answer includes ‘a collection of spreadsheets and stacks of hand-written follow up reminders’, then Sage CRM Customer Care might be worth a look.

With customizable Workflow capabilities, you can build Sage CRM around your specific customer service processes. That way, you’ll ensure that service personnel are following a standard protocol to deliver a satisfying and consistent customer service experience. Plus, automated workflow Triggers and Alerts will ensure that customer inquiries are followed up with in a timely manner and nothing falls through the cracks.

With all customer queries, support activities, and service   requests recorded in Sage CRM, you’ll begin to build a   Knowledgebase of frequently-asked questions and resolutions so your service reps can quickly resolve common issues.

Better Cross-Sell Opportunities

Research shows that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. Therefore, identifying opportunities that exist within your current customer base can be a cost-effective way of increasing sales revenue. With all of your customer information consolidated in Sage CRM, your sales and service reps will have a complete view of all customer interactions and be in a better position to cross-sell complementary products and services.

Analyze and Improve

Insightful reports are an important part of effective business management… and the customer service department is no exception. Sage CRM provides analytics and dashboards to help you assess important metrics like support volume, average time to resolution, and case escalation which is particularly helpful if you offer technical support or run a call center. Enabling management to quantify the performance of service reps can be an important part of maximizing efficiency and getting better results with fewer resources.

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