You wouldn’t want to drink expired milk, so why use expired data to make important business decisions?

You want fresh numbers, current data to make decisions like whether to order more inventory or use what’s left in the warehouse and whether to hire more people or make capital improvements. Using the right business management tools can give you accurate, current data that you can use to grow your business.

Data delays can lead to expensive miscalculations and mistakes. Relying on weekly updates from managers or monthly or quarterly reports can create some serious challenges. What if a major customer makes an order change or, worse yet, cancels their order altogether – right after procurement ordered the inventory needed for that customer order. You could be stuck with thousands of dollars of inventory that you may never use; an expensive, yet very plausible mistake due to a delay in sharing valuable information. It is possible to remove much of these delays through the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

Sage 100 ERP offers comprehensive business management capabilities for financials, manufacturing, inventory, project management, as well as human resources and payroll, CRM, and other functions. These core business functions are integrated into a single software solution that can be used throughout your business. An integrated solution makes it easier to share information from one department to another and introduces time-saving automation. As in our example, when a customer changes or cancels an order, the sales manager can trigger a workflow to notify key personnel, including procurement, so they can reassess their inventory orders as they go out. No waiting for a weekly meeting, no need to send out an email message that could get lost in a full in-box, and you remove the risk of important information getting forgotten, lost, or delivered just a little too late.

Today’s most powerful ERP and CRM solutions, like those in the Sage suite of solutions, offer dashboards that each user can tailor to their specific job responsibilities. Users can monitor key metrics in real-time, such as sales orders or inventory levels, and watch for deviations or changes. Customer change orders and inventory orders can be easily monitored, modified, and changed before expensive mistakes occur. Contact DWD Technology Group for more information about using Sage solutions to capture and use current data to make the smart decisions that drive growth.